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EPT Grand Final Main Event – O’Dwyer Victorious

Steve O'DwyerThe European Poker Tour Monaco Grand Final Main Event has now been completed after we witnessed the strongest final table we have seen in a large number of years. The winner was actually revealed as the man that led going into the day in Steve O’Dwyer after he navigated his way through the final table and eventually beat Andrew Pantling heads up to take home the €1,224,000 first place prize.

The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts
St 1 – Jake Cody – 1,633,000

St 2 – Jason Mercier – 824,000

St 3 – Andrew Pantling – 4,180,000

St 4 – Grant Levy – 786,000

St 5 – Steve O’Dwyer – 4,452,000

St 6 – Daniel Negreanu – 1,581,000

St 7 – Noah Schwartz – 1,068,000

St 8 – Johnny Lodden – 1,402,000

There were just eight players coming into the final day, with O’Dwyer already holding the chip lead with 4,452,000 chips, giving him a slight edge on eventual runner up Andrew Pantling on 4,180,000 in second place as the play got underway.

The first elimination of the day was the short stack at the table Grant Levy as he pushed with the A-K but was called and outdrawn by the Jc-10c of Andrew Pantling, who would then claim the next scalp in Jason Mercier after the chips were yet again thrown into the middle.

This time it was Mercier who pushed when holding the Q-10, but would have been annoyed to find that Pantling had the A-Q behind him in the big blind and made the call. The board favoured the better hand and Mercier would have to settle for seventh place.

The next big elimination was actually a double knockout after a massive hand in which both Jake Cody and Noah Schwartz fell to Daniel Negreanu. Both of the former would have felt they had a decent hand as Cody was holding pocket Jacks whilst Schwartz the K-10, yet Negreanu was in the best position with pocket aces. The board fell kindly for the ever popular Canadian and both of his opponents were eliminated.

He would unfortunately be the very next player to go though as Lodden managed to hit a broadway straight to beat out Negreanu’s pocket four’s.

This left us three handed, though it wasn’t for too much longer as Lodden decided to push when holding the A-J and was called by O’Dwyer and his A-10. A ten on the flop was enough for O’Dwyer to outdraw his opponent and send him home in 3rd place.

This left us heads up between O’Dwyer and Pantling, with them initially talking about a chop of the prize pool; though Pantling made it pretty clear he was not interested. The session lasted quite a while with both players swapping the lead on many occasions before we finally came to our final hand.

O’Dwyer had been punishing Pantling for a number of hands by this time and got extremely lucky when the chips did finally go into the middle. O’Dwyer was holding the 10-8 whilst Pantling had the Ks-5s.

The flop came down with two eights which gave O’Dwyer the lead, yet there was also two spades which kept Pantling interested with a flush draw. After a check-call from Pantling the turn fell as the 4s which did in fact complete Pantling’s flush and seemingly the hand was his. However, after both players went all-in, another eight fell on the river to give O’Dwyer’s quads and the title.

How It Finished!

1st – Steve O’Dwyer – €1,224,000

2nd – Andrew Pantling – €842,000

3rd – Johnny Lodden – €467,000

4th – Daniel Negreau – €321,000

5th – Jake Cody – €251,000

6th – Noah Schwartz – €189,000

7th – Jason Mercier – €137,000

8th – Grant Levy – €103,000

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