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EPT Grand Final Super High Roller – Altergott Wins

Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier – 2nd in the Super High Roller

The ninth season of the European Poker Tour has now come to an end after the EPT Grand Final Super High Roller was completed last night, with the €100k buy-in event revealing our winner as Max Altergott after he defeated a strong final table to take home the title and €1,746,400 winners cheque.

He started the day with an average stack and eventually managed to claw back the advantage that Jason Mercier had at the start of play to beat his opponent during heads-up.

The Table Seating And Chips At Start Of Play!

St 1 – Timothy Adams – (830,000)

St 2 – Sorel Mizzi – (2,140,000)

St 3 – Vladimir Troyanovsky – (2,150,000)

St 4 – Jason Mercier – (4,165,000)

St 5 – Max Altergott – (2,110,000)

St 6 – Scott Seiver – (625,000)

St 7 – Mike Watson – (480,000)


The day lasted just six hours, with the starting seven on the final day being reduced to that man Altergott. The winner of the last major EPT title of the season has never had a major tournament cash, which may make you wonder just how he managed to stump up the $100k buy-in in the first place. Well, he is a renowned cash game player, with his speciality being heads up.


Mike Watson was the first to go from the final seven as he ran into the pocket aces of Sorel Mizzi, though he did manage to double his buy-in.



After an hour and a half we finally witnessed the second elimination, with it this time being Scott Seiver. He pushed with pocket nines and was called by the A-Q of Mercier who actually managed to make a flush on the river to send his opponent home.

After Seiver was gone, the eliminations started to flow much faster with Vladimir Troyanovski being the next to exit when his K-Q couldn’t outdraw the A-J of Sorel Mizzi. He was quickly followed out of the door by Timothy Adams who had done exceptionally well to finish in fourth despite being one of the shorter stacks at the table. His pocket nines were outdone by the A-8 of Altergott and he had to settle for a payout of €485,100 to numb the pain.

This left us with just three players, with each of them by now actually quite evenly stacked. They did briefly talk about making a chop of the prize pool but it never materialised in the end.

Sorel Mizzi then fell in third place after pushing all-in with the K-Q only to be called by the pocket jacks of Altergott. Those jacks eventually turned into a full house and we were down to heads up between Altergott and Mercier.

Heads up didn’t last too long and Altergott actually managed to severely cripple his opponent in a massive pot when holding pocket queens whilst his opponent had a smaller pair and a flush draw by the time the turn card had shown. He missed his draws and Altergott finished off his opponent on the very next hand.

 How It Finished!

1st – Max Altergott – €1,746,400

2nd – Jason Mercier – €1,115,700

3rd – Sorel Mizzi – €679,100

4th – Timothy Adams – €485,100

5th – Vladimir Troyanovsky – €339,500

6th – Scott Seiver – €266,900

7th – Mike Watson – €218,300

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