EPT London High Roller: Andrew Chen Wins

first place

Ten players, as opposed to the normal eight for the final table, returned of Day 3 of the £10,300 High Roller event. Despite being short stacked on several occasions, it was Canadian pro Andrew Chen that emerged with the title and £394,200.

One of the hallmarks of high roller events is that they play fairly fast, and Saturday was no different.

Johnny Lodden was the very short stack as play began and shortly after the cards were in the air he was on the rail in 10th place. He was followed a short time later by Niall Farrell, who was still short stacked despite a double up on the very last hand of Day 2.

There is no doubt that Jorryt van Hoof is on a heater.  Next month he will take his seat at the WSOP Main Event as the chip leader and started Day 3 of the High Roller second in chips. One on of the coldest of coolers, van Hoof was the next to go when he flopped and top set with 7’s only to see that his opponent Leonid Markin had flopped the nut straight. Only having the board pair would save van Hoof, but the board bricked out.

Next out was Philippe D’Auteuil, leaving just six players. Three of them, Andrew Chen, Salman Behbehani and Martin Quack, were sitting with less than 20 big blinds.

Chen quickly improved his chip stack when he crippled Martin Quack when he called all in with Ace-Queen versus Quack’s Ace-2. Neither player hit the board, but Chen’s Queen played. Quack managed a couple of double-ups but they were not enough to save him and he exited in 6th place.  Salman Behbehani soon followed Quack to the payout window.

Leonid Markin seemed to be unbeatable for much of the tournament. His run came to an end after several beats by McCorkell and Kamar. The crippling blow was delivered by Chen who hit his nut flush draw versus the Russian’s top pair. McCorkell delivered the final blow and Markin took 4th place.

It was McCorkell and Chen who dominated the first part of the three handed action. The two traded off double ups, the McCorkell shoved with Ks-Qs and was called by Chen with pocket 8’s. The board gave no help to McCorkell and he was out.

Heads up play was over very quickly.  All of the money was in the middle on the turn with both players holding two pair. Unfortunately for Kamar his 8-7 was way behind Chen’s Q-8 and a brick on the river left Kamar with two big blinds. He went out on the next hand.

Day 3 Payouts

1 Andrew Chen £394,200
2 Fady Kamar £267,000
3 Craig McCorkell    £178,000
4 Leonid Markin    £145,800
5 Salman Behbehani £117,000
6 Martin Quack £90,700
7 Philippe D’Auteuil £67,200
8 Jorryt van Hoof £49,400
9 Niall Farrell £39,300
10 Johnny Lodden £33,050