EPT London High Roller – Lavallee Claims Title

Jason Lavallee

The European Poker Tour London High Roller never ceases to amaze as with after a tense and drawn out Day 2, Day 3 finished in a blur. There were 12 players that began the day, four more than was anticipated after a surge of registrations that shocked even the hosts.

That meant that Day 2 could not play down to the final table as anticipated and left us with 12 going in to the final day today. However, Day 3 was the complete opposite as players fell fast and frantically and after just around four levels of play the winner was announced.

It was Jason Lavallee that became the latest title holder after he dominated the final table for most of the session. He claimed £357,700 after going into heads up against Simon Higgins with a 20 – 1 chip advantage and winning it outright just a few hands later.

He was obviously delighted!



Along the way through Day 3 there were the expected amount of eliminations as we lost names such as PokerStars Team Pro Luca Pagano, Sorel Mizzi, British hero Dave Ulliot and of course the super aggressive Carla Sabini. The latter eventually finished in third place and impressed many across the world of poker with her direct and fearless poker playing skills.

The final hand hand saw Higgins push all in with the Kc-Jc which quickly drew a call from Lavallee with the Ac-9s. His fate was sealed when the 2c-3s-6c-10d-Qs fell on the board to make him the EPT London High Roller champion and of course just that little bit better off.

How It Finished On Day 3

1st) Jason Lavallee – £357,700

2nd) Simon Higgins – £242,330

3rd) Sorel Mizzi – £161,560

4th) Carla Sabini – £132,320

5th) Tamer Kamel – £106,170

6th) David Ulliot – £82,315

7th) Luca Pagano – £60,930

8th) Mark Teltscher – £44,775

9th) Talal Shakerchi – £35,695

10th) Frederik Jensen – £30,005

11th) Antonio Lafosse – £30,005

12th) Ariel Celestino – £26,155

This leaves us with just the EPT London Main Event which is still ongoing now and is down to just 6 players. We will follow up this report with that one just as soon as we know the result.