EPT London Main Event Day 4 – Yan Heads Last Two Tables

David Yan

Day 4 at the 2013 European Poker Tour London Main Event has now been consigned to the history books, as the 45 players that had played well enough to start the day were reduced to 16 players in less than four hours at the felt.

Those 16 will now play down to a final table throughout Day 5, with the best placed man to do just that currently being David Yan. He finished Day 4 as the chip leader after bringing his chip count up to 2,313,000, though a stacked field behind him means this battle is going to be an intense one.

He leads a top ten that has Robin Yitalo, Martin Kozlov, Jeff Rossiter and Tudor Purice all holding good stacks that can easily challenge for the title.

Yan was so excited to be where he is that he even forgot what day it is, though we can forgive him that.



Some big names were sent to the rail on Day 4 as Dave Ulliot, Kitty Kuo, Paul Berende, Timothy Adams and Viktor Blom’s brother Sebastian all went home a little earlier than they had hoped, though they will be pleased to have come away with some profit.



Many players did what Timothy Adams did and jumped straight into the EPT London High Roller which also kicked off yesterday, an event we are also following very closely. Both events will be kicking off with their latest days respectively today, so make sure you join us to learn of the action from both tomorrow.

The Current Top Ten

1st) David Yan – 2,313,000

2nd) Robin Ylitalo – 2,146,000

3rd) Martin Kozlov – 1,664,000

4th) Georgios Karakousis – 1,615,000

5th) Stefan Vagner – 1,558,000

6th) Ludovic Geilich – 1,447,000

7th) Javier Etayo – 1,391,000

8th) Jan Olav Sjavik – 1,166,000

9th) Jeffrey Rossiter – 977,000

10th) Tudor Purice – 831,000


With the players now reaching the serious end of the event, there is some serious money to play for which you can see down below.

What They Are Playing For

1st Place – £560,980

2nd Place – £349,200

3rd Place – £249,850

4th Place – £193,340

5th Place – £152,320

6th Place – £119,225

7th Place – £88,175

8th Place – £60,640

9th Place – £47,750

10th – 11th Place – £39,255

12th – 13th Place – £32,810

14th – 15th Place – £28,710

16th Place – £25,780