EPT London SHR Day 3 – Finger Pulls Trigger For Win (vid)

Martin Finger

The Germans did it again! Not too long after three Germans finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker, they went and proved that they are capable of the same feat in a live setting as three of them did it in the European Poker Tour London Super High Roller.

This time it was Martin Finger who claimed the title, after he started Day 3 with the chip lead and finished it with every chip in the tournament to claim the €821,000 first place payout and the first ever Super High Roller title to be played in the UK.

Coming into the day with more than double the chips of anyone else was obviously a big help to Finger, yet bigger leads have been lost on final tables before, so he managed his chip count very well and even eliminated two players in one pot to leave the event down to just three.

His pocket queens beat out the Ac-Jd and Jh-9c of Bill Perkins and Johannes Strassman respectively to fire himself into an even bigger chip lead. By the time he got heads up against Reinkemeier, he had a huge lead and it did not take him long to close out the event and claim his second EPT win.



The Final Standings

1st) Martin Finger – €821,000

2nd) Tobias Reinkemeier – €593,900

3rd) Christoph Vogelsang – €383,200

4th) Bill Perkins – €290,100

5th) Johannes Strassmann – €224,400

6th) Timothy Adams – €175,200

7th) David Benefield – €139,600

8th) Patrik Antonius – €109,455