EPT Prague: Round-Up Of The Side Events

Vanessa Selbst

Though most of the attention at the European Poker Tour Prague was on the two big events that were finished up last night, there were also a whole host of side events that were completed throughout the stop. We are going to take a look at the most notable of them to see which players took home some good scores in some of the more unfashionable events.

Event 7 – €5,000 + €300 PLO

The first EPT side event of note that took part was this Pot Limit Omaha event that brought in 71 players. The high buy-in ensured that there would be some big names taking part and there were not many bigger than the Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst who went on to win it for a payout of €100,000.


1st) Vanessa Selbst – €100,700

2nd) Sam Greenwood – €72,300

3rd) Nadar Kakhmazov – €47,300

4th) Niko Soinnen – €35,200

5th) Kory Kilpatrick – €27,500

6th) Michael Fosco – €21,300

7th) Francisco Izquierdo – €16,900

8th) Joni Jouhkimainen – €13,100

9th) Sampo Ryynanen – €10,050

Event 22 – €2,000 + €150 No Limit Holdem Turbo

The next notable side event was this No Limit Holdem Turbo event that brought in 204 players creating a prize pool of €395,760. The notable players involved included Yann Dion, Vishal Pundjabi and Toby Lewis but it was the Swedish player Niklas Astedt that came out on top to win the €83,500 first place payout.

1st)  Niklas Astedt – €83,500

2nd) Anirudh Seth – €56,400

3rd) Yann Dion – €39,700

4th) Vishal Pundjabi – €32,200

5th) Konstantin Maslak – €25,500

6th) Joseph Cahill – €19,400

7th) Gordon Huntly – €14,100

8th) Sven Wendt – €10,300

9th) Marc Daubach – €8,500

10th) Hady Jean El Asmar – €7,200


Event 23 – €2,000 + €200 No Limit Holdem

The final event we will look at is the €2,000 + €200 No Limit Holdem which attracted another healthy field of 315 players which created a very nice prize pool of €610,100 and saw the likes of Roger Hairabedian, Remi Castaignon, JC Alvarado, Will Failla, Fabrice Soulier and PokerStars Team Pro Johnny Lodden taking part before the eventual winner was crowned as Jakub Michalak who took home €119,100 for his efforts.


1st) Jakub Michalak – €119,100

2nd) Ismael Bojang – €75,600

3rd) Roger Hairabedian – €56,650

4th) Zoltan Purak – €45,850

5th) Dmitrii Tammeoia – €36,200

6th) Giuliano Bendinelli – €27,600

7th) Anders Andersen – €20,300

8th) Lasse Frost – €14,900

9th) Vlado Banicevic – €12,200

10th) Remi Castaignon – €10,250

There was a total of 43 events at the EPT Prague and among the other names that took down tournament wins were Lauri Pesonen who claimed €16,850 for winning the €300 + €30 No limit Holdem Turbo, Michael Bech Lundsgaard who bested the 348 field in the €1,000 + €10 No Limit Omaha event to score €53,990 and Stanislav Miadzel who claimed €24,000 for winning the €1,500 + €150 Pot Limit Omaha event.