EPT Sanremo – Coren First Double EPT Champion

two gold medals

We are thrilled to reveal that PokerStars Team Pro Victoria Coren took down the European Poker Tour Sanremo Main Event last night to become the first ever two-time EPT Main Event champion. We are, of course biased as she is British, yet the world of poker has to admit this was a fantastic achievement, especially after starting the final day as the short stack.

She manage to overcome the final table of eight that included Jordan Westmorland, Bruno Stefanelli and eventually WPT winner Giacomo Fundaro heads up to win the title, the €476,100 first place payout and of course the history making honor of being the first double EPT champion.

She was of course, a little happy about this.



This title has now been added to her EPT London win back in Season 3 which was another fantastic performace. Many came out to congratulate Coren on her success via Twitter






She did well to hold on throughout the final table and burst into contention in a massive hand against Westmorland. She held the Ad-10c and her opponent the Qc-10s on a flop of 2s-10d-10h and b the time the turn of 4c and river of 3d all of the chips were in the middle, which Coren took.

Westmorland was crippled and eliminated by Coren soon after and she went into heads up with the chip lead. That heads up session was over pretty quickly when she hit two pair with her Qs-Jc on a board of Jd-7s-Qc when Fundaro held the Ac-As. That flop saw all chips pushed into the middle and the 10s and 4s on the turn and river didn’t help her opponent and she was now the first double winner of an EPT title.

How It Finished

1st) Vicky Coren-Mitchell – €476,100

2nd) Giacomo Fundaro – €298,700

3rd) Jordan Westmorland – €213,850

4th) Andrea Benelli – €166,700

5th) Andreas Goeller – €130,750

6th) Bruno Stefanelli – €102,700

7th) Andrija Martic – €76,650

8th) Emmanuel Pariset – €53,100

EPT Sanremo High Roller Day 3 – Schemion Claims Title

In other slightly less dramatic new, Ole Schemion claimed the other big event at the EPT Sanremo. He took home the High Roller event and a payout of €265,000. The German overcame an extremely tough final table and eventually Max Greenwood heads up to lay claim to one of the last big titles in Season 10 of the EPT.

How It Finished

1st) Ole Schemion – €265,000

2nd) Max Greenwood – €182,100

3rd) Alex Bilokur – €119,400

4th) Philip Sternheimer – €96,700

5th) Mustapha Kunit – €77,700

6th) Griffin Benger – €60,700

7th) Tamer Kamel – €47,8000

8th) Imed Ben Mahmoud – €36,550