Eriquezzo Disqualified From Parx Big Stax Event

Opposing heads

Ryan Eriquezzo has always been known to have a bit of a temper on the poker circuit but it seems that his latest outburst could potentially be one of his most costly. After firing eleven bullets in the Parx Big Stack event and finally building up a half decent stack of 200k, he suffered a bad beat with aces versus Queens and reacted in such a way that his stack was removed from the tournament and he was disqualified.

This led to a Twitter conversation that went back and thro between Ryan, the Parx Ambassador Matt Glantz and many other players who voiced their opinions.

Matt Glantz is an ambassador for Parx and as a poker player and friend of Eriquezzos’ he was always going to be in the line of fire first.

Other big name players that were in the event then voiced their opinions on the decision and whilst they were quick to point out that what Ryan did was wrong, the punishment did not really fit the crime.

However, according to Glantz this was not the first incident of the night which could have been the reason for the stiff second penalty.

Having done a little bit of investigation work Glantz came back to give tournaments side of the story on why he was disqualified. If he really did threaten to burn the place down then the disqualification certainly fits the crime.