Esfandiari Back Home After… Being Burned

Antonio Esfandiari

All of us need a break from our day jobs once in a while, whether it is to just relax at home or fly off to some far away destination to take in some much needed relaxation. Well poker players are certainly no different, with the majority of them choosing to take their breaks after the gruelling World Series of Poker.

Doyle Brunson opted for some R&R in Montana and Liv Boeree had a more active holiday trekking through the Death Valley National Park whilst others simply visited friends and family. Antonio Esfandiari though seems to have topped them all after spending time away from the real world at the Burning Man.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the “Burning Man”, it is an annual festival in which thousands of people from across the globe attend. It is not your usual kind of festival though as contact with the outside world is forbidden, which means no laptops, phones or any other ways in which you could speak to anyone.

It is held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and is aimed at improving ones self-expression and self-reliability. The visitors have to create their own miniature city in a sense, though everything has to be left as if nobody was there by the time they leave.

He showed through Twitter the huge amount of anticipation he had for this event, whilst also displaying some of the outfits he was going to be wearing.


  After surviving the week, he was quick to get back to what he was not allowed to do whilst there, communicate with his friends, family and fans. Some of this was also done through Twitter and Instagram, with him sharing some of the experience he had through pictures.





Back, probably extremely refreshed and no doubt looking forward to getting back to the felt, Esfandiari now returns to his normal life style. Will the break have any effect on his success at the tables? Only time will tell!