Esfandiari, Boeree, Ivey: Party, Rubik’s Cube, Hairstyle

Liv Boeree

Once again it was time to celebrate for Antonio Esfandiari, but it wasn’t a million dollar tournament take down that got him on the dance floor. Instead the once 34 year old is yet another year older.

Esfandiari’s 35th birthday celebration went full steam ahead at the Marquee in Las Vegas with a host of poker stars crashing the party to congratulate ‘The Magician’. And it has most definitely been a magical 35 years with a good chunk of them spent grinding the poker felt. Most notably his $18 million Big One for One Drop win last year.

During his career ‘The Magician’ has picked up a tough fought three WSOP bracelets and countless WSOP cashes. Not only that, he still remains as the top earner on the All-Time Money List with $25.65 million behind him.

With all that money Esfandiari has become well known on the scene as not just a solid poker shark on the felts, but a man that knows how to let his hair down when it matters. He’s a party animal!



Phil Ivey’s Hair

Twitter does come out with some surprises when you’re hunting around. How about this one as we’re on the subject of getting older. Phil Ivey has posted an Instagram link on Twitter showing his younger self when he was too young to party. Now we know that poker face really is natural! And what about him thinking of growing that hair back?


Liv Boeree Gets Down with Rubik Cube!

While some were out celebrating their Friday night, Liv Boeree was being more constructive with her time. Nothing like a bit of brain training to pass the night away!