Esfandiari Lives The Life In Colorado And Belize (pics)

Belize dock

Just when you felt it is not possible to be any more envious of the sort of lives that the world’s elite poker professionals enjoy, up steps another with Tweets and Instagram pictures to prove just how wrong you were. This time it is Antonio Esfandiari enjoying not only one holiday in recent weeks but two.

First, he was seen snowboarding over in Colorado in America three weeks ago and then enjoying weather of the opposite kind whilst having a beach holiday with his family and friends in sunny Belize where he currently is as we speak.

Esfandiari has always been the active type so snowboarding is not something that we are hugely surprised about, yet as he points out, he is lucky he did not come away with some broken bones from his trip.

After escaping injury and in need of a holiday that is of a more relaxing kind, he opted to fly with those closest to him to Belize, where they could take in the sun and enjoy the beach. He is obviously extremely close to his father and we have no doubts that Esfandiari Snr is very proud of what his son has achieved in life.

Take a look at his remaining pictures before once again wishing you had the poker skills of “The Magician” that would enable you to enjoy a similar lifestyle.