Espen Sørlie Talks About His Epic Sunday

Reporter holding mic

Many players dream of making it to either the PokerStars Sunday Million or FTOPS Main Event final table but last Sunday Espen “sh4wshank” Sørlie managed to reach both at the same time. The Norwegian poker professional who now lives in Canada spoke to Full Tilt Blog about his extremely rare achievement.

You can see how it all went from his tweets as the incredible feat was playing out:

In his short interview over at Full Tilt Blog he was asked questions such as how many tables he was actually playing that night, his previous final table appearance at the Sunday Million final table, which chop actually came first on the night and how he has adjusted to now living in Canada.

They first asked just how many tables he was playing, especially after he had gone deep in the bigger events. He claims that he was basically two tabling for four hours after running deep in those tournaments and did not enter any more.

For one of his other answers, we will let you see exactly what he said courtesy of Full Tilt blog after he was asked about how he concentrates when he makes it deep in major tournaments.

You have to be extremely lucky. The first 10 hours or so I will have many other tables to focus on at the same time, so I dont get to pay too much attention to dynamics and the players at my table. But when it comes down to it, it is nice to hopefully have some good stacks on just a few tables, so you can maximize your expected value in those when it matters more.”

Another interesting question was which tournament did he actually chop first out of the two. He says it was when he was heads up in the PokerStars Sunday Million where he banked $168,270 before losing heads up.

He then said that he chopped the FTOPS Main Event when the final table was reached with nine players and he was happy with the timing for both chops in the events.

On being asked about his move from Norway to Canada he said:

Firstly, I find the climate very similar. It is a bit more of a difference in Canada between winter and summer, plus there are way more thunderstorms over here. The language has been easy enough to adjust to. People generally are very helpful and understanding if theres anything I have a problem explaining.”

Sørlie might not be the most well known player but he is certainly a successful one online. He makes a good living and is a regular MTT player that consistently gets results. It is well worth checking out everything else that he has to say over at Full Tilt Blog.