ESPN 2013 WSOP Main Event Coverage Continues (vids)

WSOP Main Event

The ESPN has again aired its latest episode from the World Series Of Poker Main Event that was held just over a month ago, with them compiling all of the best parts of the event and releasing the episodes on a weekly basis.

The action in the two parts below is still concentrated on Day 3 of the tournament, with them including all of the best poker hands, bust outs, suck outs and tantrums seen during that early stage of the event.

The World Series of Poker is the most anticipated poker event every year for the players and the tournament is a massive source of new poker blood each and every year. The amount of media coverage it receives can only help the game to grow into an even bigger industry year on year.

Most of you will already know which players made it to the final table in November this year through reading daily reports much like we supplied throughout the tournament, yet there is nothing like actually seeing the action on the screen for yourself.

Below is the latest episode split into two parts, whilst if you missed the first couple of vids you can always go and watch them both over here. Please remember that these are fairly long videos, so getting a few refreshments in now could work out to be a good idea.

The next episode will be available next week, so be sure to pop in and have a watch with us once we have posted it up.