Estrellas Poker Tour Barcelona Day 3 – Final Table Set

estrellas poker tour

Barcelona is the place to be right now as there will be three events playing during the day today; we have the conclusion of the European Poker Tour Super High Roller, the start of the European Poker Tour Main Event and the conclusion of this Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event.

This one saw the 67 players that had progressed through the first two days get back to the action on the felt in order to challenge for a place on the final table.

This record breaking PokerStars Freezeout event has been full of high octane action right from the start and Day 3 was certainly no different. Chips were flying and players were being eliminated left, right and centre.

The biggest departure was that of the only remaining PokerStars Team Pro Charlotte Van Barbender who only lasted around an hour and a half on the day. She was sent home after a huge three way all-in in which she was holding pocket queens. The winner of the hand however had pocket aces and they held up to eliminate two players.

It is Paul Nunes that finished up the day with the largest amount of chips, by far the largest amount in fact. He has 14,475,000 which is more than double that of Soenke Jahn in second place with 6,050,000. He is now in a very strong position going into the final day, though it is not quite guaranteed just yet.

The chip leader at the start of the day was Marcelo Fonseca and although he now only sits in fourth position currently, he practically doubled his chip count throughout Day 3.

The Chip Counts

1st) Paul Nunes – 14,475,000

2nd) Soenke Jahn – 6,050,000

3rd) Alin Saameian – 2,200,000

4th) Marcelo Fonseca – 2,800,000

5th) Alfonso Amendola – 700,000

6th) Marc Pujol – 1,150,000

7th) Lukasz Roczniak – 1,615,000

8th) Paul Cusi – 6,760,000

Tomorrow we will be bringing you a whole host of poker action, including the result of this particular event. We will also be following all of the other events in Barcelona right now, so do not miss any of it by checking in on us from time to time.