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Eureka Poker Tour Prague Day 2 – Havlik Slightly Ahead

Eureka Poker Tour Prague Day 2 – Havlik Slightly Ahead

The Eureka Poker Tour Prague Main Event has so far exceeded all expectations, especially with regards to the 652 players that decided to take a punt on the event, yet the event is now not about how many players are coming in but about how many are falling so that we can reveal the champion.

Of that large field there were just 72 players who started the day, with that number being chopped right in half as just 36 would be fortunate enough to see Day 3 of the event. The player who is currently leading is Daniel Havlik with 603,500, yet things are so tight at the top that just 100k separates the top five. That may seem like a lot but when you consider that it equates to just three big blinds, it makes you realise just how close things are.

Could It Be A Girl?

Though it is currently the boys sitting right at the top, there are still a few girls in the mix that could cause a challenge a little later on. PokerStars Team Pro Ana Marquez is still going strong after having a successful day at the felt, whilst there is Hana Soljan who actually qualified via PokerStars still moving along nicely.

Top Men Bowing Out!

We are always going to lose some big names on any given day of an event, with it this time being Roberto Romanello and the super aggressive Steven van Zadelhoff making way to name just a couple.

With the bubble now out of the way, the remaining players will all know that they are at least going to paid something for their efforts, with the next goal for them being trying to make that amount as big as possible.

They will know that they have at least €3,160 but they will be keeping an eye on that first place payout of €140,000.

Current Top Ten!

Daniel Havlik – 603,500

Olah Tamas – 587,500

Matias Knaapinen – 586,000

Bernd Vogelhuber – 581,000

Mariusz Klosnicki – 497,500

Andrew Hulme – 493,000

Petr Targa – 480,000

Khiem Nguyen – 422,000

Greg Livshits – 382,500

Alexandra Kolonias – 375,500

The players will be coming back again at 12pm local time to be whittled down to that final table, which is obviously where the big money starts to roll in. Who is going to break free from that extremely close chip lead battle? Who is going to miss out on the final table by just one place?

These are all questions that we are eager to find out the answers to, so make sure you are here when we do just that.


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