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Eureka Poker Tour Prague – Panagiotou Wins Title

Eureka Poker Tour Prague – Panagiotou Wins Title

The largest ever Eureka Poker Tour Event has finally been played out to completion with the champion this time being Menikos Panagiotou. He beat a field of 652 players to finish at the top of the pile for a payout of €137,100.

At the final table he completely dominated, he actually managed to eliminate six of the seven players he faced on there to storm to victory. Though he did all this, it was down to doing out of the ordinary, rather he just had an excellent run of cards and a bit of good fortune thrown in.

In fact, by the time he managed to get to the heads up session against Robert Vuckovic he had a massive 5-1 chip advantage. His luck stuck with him even in that session, with the first time the chips went in to the middle, his pocket sevens stood up and held despite two over cards from his opponent with the Ks-Tc. The board came down as Ad-5s-6c-9s-3d and he went crazy as he realized he had won the title.

His opponent was in fact the only other player on the table that managed an elimination at the final table, which occurred when he knocked out Buissink in eighth place.

The rest of the players though were sent to the rail by the eventual winner, with him picking them off one by one. He took out the days initial chip leader Bernd Vogelhuber, then won a coin flip to eliminate Klosnicki in 6th. He then systematically dropped one player after another.

With the completion of this event comes the completion of the season for the Eureka Poker Tour. The new season is going to be kicking back off on the 18th of March, with the Czech Republic being the first stop. It will then make a number of stops across Europe before again ending in Prague at the end of next year.

We have certainly had fun following this event, with it possibly being one of our favourites of the year, mainly due to its unexpected success with regards to entrants, so we are eager to see if they can further improve on that again next year. If they can, the Eureka Poker Tour could turn into one of the most prominent tours across Europe.

How it Finished!

Meniko Panagiotou – €137,100

Robert Vukovic – €75,000

Matias Knaapinen – €75,000

Ioannis Triantafyllakis – €42,800

Bernd Vogelhuber – €31,700

Mariusz Klosinicki – €22,100

Bogdan Ionescu – €15,800

Marcel Buissink – €11,900

Gregory Livshits – €9,500

Andreas Vlachos – €9,500


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