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Eureka Prague Day 3 – Final Table Now All Set

Eureka Prague Day 3 – Final Table Now All Set

This record breaking event is coming to an end later today with the Eureka Poker Tour Main Event Day 3 seeing the final table emerge from the 36 players that initially took their seats at the felt. This all took just eight levels to achieve with the player leading at the end of it all being Bernd Vogelhuber.

He started the day in fourth place on those rankings but started in a speedy fashion which soon saw him climb to the top of the leaderboard. He eventually secured two eliminations late on to push him past the million mark, with him eventually ending up with a total of 2,028,000.

He managed to eliminate PokerStars Team Pro Ana Marquez for a pot of 1.4 million, with her being the last of the team representing the site in this event.

Though he has the lead, he will be looking over his shoulder in his quest for the title and first place payout of €140,000. In particular he will have his eyes on the player in second place, Robert Vukovic who managed to bag up a total of 1,857,000 chips after doubling up through Petr Targa when the event had just 12 players remaining.

Topping off the top three is Menikos Panagiotou, with the Cypriot getting extremely lucky to find pocket aces when an opponent was holding pocket kings. That usually means a big pot, with this case certainly being no different. His opponent was Andrew Hulme and he would have been distraught to see Panagiotou with the one hand he wouldn’t have wanted to see.

He will start the day later with a decent 1,482,000, which is more than enough to mount a serious assault on the title.

There are just two more players that have managed to get over that 1 million mark, with the Finnish Mathias Knaapinen securing 1,470,000 after knocking out Greg Livshits and Marcel Bruissink with 1,064,000.

The Final Table!

Marcel Buissink – 1,064,000

Mariusz Klosinski – 891,000

Bogdan Ionescu – 435,000

Matias Knaapinen – 1,470,000

Ioannis Triantafyllakis – 527,000

Menikos Panagiotou – 1,482,000

Robert Vukovic – 1,857,000

Bernd Vogelhuber – 2,028,000

The last piece of action from this event will see this final table whittled down to the player who will take home the title and cash prize. It is going to be kicking off at 1pm local time today, with the players obviously all keen to improve on the amounts they are already guaranteed to cash out with. We will bring a full report as soon as the event finishes, just to keep you all right in the loop.


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