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Eureka Prague Day 1b – Daubach Ahead Of Large Field

Eureka Prague Day 1b – Daubach Ahead Of Large Field

Day 1b was not looking like as good as expected by the time the cards were dealt last night, with just 225 players taking to the felt. However, the event allows late registration for the first six levels and by the time that had come to a close there were 428 players that had made their way to Day 1b.

That brought a grand total for this event to a staggering 650 once you have added the 222 that took part on Day 1a. This field has created a prize pool of €632,440 with the largest share of €140,000 obviously going to the winner. There will be a total of 72 players that will take home a slice of the remaining prize pool, with that being the minimum that each player wants.

The player who is sitting pretty at the top right now though is Mark Daubach who was one of the players that did decide to make a late entry, which we are pretty sure he is happy with that decision so far. He has 165,900 which is not bad for a player who admits he plays poker as a recreation and not as a career. He in fact entered the WPT Prague and was eliminated so decided to head over to the Eureka Main Event seeing as it was in the same city.

Amongst the other players that will be making a strong challenge on that title include Marcel Buissink who has managed to build a stack of 150,800, Martin Jacobson with 108,500 and Julien Mitev who now has 133,200.

PokerStars Team Pros Represented By Five Players!

Though they were fairly well represented, none of the five Team Pros managed to make it through the day without getting eliminated. We lost Martin Horecki, Martin Hruby, Liv Boeree, Dag Palovic and Toni Judet for one reason or another meaning that Team PokerStars will now have to wait for the EPT Prague Main Event for another shot at a title.

As the dust had settled on Day 1b, it was announced that out of the 428 players that converged to the event, just 116 actually made it through into Day 2, which when added to the 67 who survived Day 1a means that there will be 183 players left to fight it out for the title.

Day 2 will be starting a little later today, with the bubble expected to be reached by the end of it. Who can avoid the bubble? Who can take control at the top of the leaderboard? Come back to us and we will let you know as soon as we do ourselves.


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