Eureka Prague Main Event Day 4 – Holdeew Sccops Title

Holdeew Wins Eureka Prague

Although most of the poker world had eyes on the first opening flight of the EPT Prague Main Event there was the small matter of the Eureka Prague Main Event final table playing at the same time. This event saw the largest field of all time buying into a poker event in Prague and last night the last remaining 8 players had to do battle on the final table in order to establish a winner.

In the end it was the German player Dmitry Holdeew who came out on top after a fiercely competitive two hour heads up session against Ami Barer to scoop the title and the first place payout of €226,400. They both started the session fairly even but they swapped the chip lead no more than four times before Holdeew finally got his man.

The final hand saw Barer push all-in with the Kh-4h on the turn when the board read the Td-3h-7c-9h and was called by Holdeew and his 10s-9d. Holdeew had top two pair but needed to fade a heart on the river and when the Kd came down, it was all over.

Horecki Couldn’t Quite Make It

The biggest name on the final table was the PokerStars Team Pro Marcin Horecki, though he came in as one of the short stacks and even with his experience at the tables, he could not get back into the event and fell in 7th place.

With this event now done with we switch our full attention to the European Poker Tour in Prague to see who will be the last EPT Main Event champion in 2013. Be sure to read all of our reports on that event as we follow it until the end.

The Final Standings

1st) Dmitry Holdeew – €226,400

2nd) Ami Barer – €131,400

3rd) Stephen Chidwick – €92,500

4th) Jaroslav Peter – €68,800

5th) Mark Dalimore – €53,500

6th) Milan Simko – €39,800

7th) Marcin Horecki – €30,500

8th) Johannes Tiefenbrunner – €21,700