Eureka Vienna High Roller Ends – Katchalov Wins

Eureka Poker Tour

PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov yesterday won the Eureka High Roller in Vienna for €149,400 but he certainly had to do it the hard way. The €2,000 + €200 event was expected to be finished in just two days of action but as it panned out it actually took four days to complete.

There were 455 players that originally bought into the event on Day 1 and it actually did very well to reduce that number down to 66, yet Day 2 is where things really slowed down. The unofficial final table of nine was only reached at 10pm on Day 2 and despite everyone playing on they decided to call it a day at 3am when there were just two players in Katchalov and Nikki Jedlicka remaining.

As the following tweets from Katchalov explain, both players wanted to play the EPT Main Event and with Day 1b being the last chance to enter and starting the next day they decided to chop the prize pool and reconvene with this event at a later date.


As it turned out, though both players made Day 2 in the EPT Main Event, they were both eliminated during it and once again they could switch their attention to playing out for the remaining 27k and the Eureka High Roller title.

Again you would imagine that with a chop being agreed would mean the heads up session would be over quickly. Nope, they went at it for four hours in total, both showing that it is titles that mean more than the money to them.

Eventually Katchalov came out on top and was quick to tweet his delight at what was certainly a marathon event.


How It Finished

1st) Eugene Katchalov – €149,400

2nd) Nikolaus Jedlicka – €127,600

3rd) Lars Tungel – €77,250

4th) Mikhail Korotkikh – €61,400

5th) Clement Thumy – €48,100

6th) Daniel Melten – €37,700

7th) Viktor Chiginev – €28,350

8th) Dominik Panka – €20,150