European Poker Tour buzzing after Duracell deal

EPT by PokerStars

The organisers of the poker event have unveiled a new partnership with Duracell Powermat

The upcoming new season of the European Poker Tour is promising to provide an electric atmosphere for card fans and players alike.

But the 2013 edition of this ever-popular event may be supercharged for an altogether different, but a no less exciting reason.

That’s because the team behind the flagship PokerStars tour of the continent have announced a brand new partnership with Duracell Powermat.

These innovative products allow users to charge their mobile and smartphone devices using the company’s unique wireless system.

And as the European Poker Tour enters it’s tenth year, organisers are pulling out all the stops to ensure maximum coverage for one of the premier competitions of it’s kind in the region.

As such, players will be able to utilise special wireless charging hotspots, provided by new partner Duracell Powermat, which will be incorporated into the design of the tables used in the tournament.

At present, Wi-Fi connectivity is provided at each and every tournament, but the new agreement between the PokerStars-backed competition and Duracell will see this facility taken to a new high.

Under the plans, every single player will sit at a specially-made table that will feature a shelf boasting both a drink holder and a place to wirelessly charge a mobile phone.

The hope is that the availability of these new facilities will encourage more competitors to tweet or send Facebook and Instagram posts thus enhancing the social media push behind this ever-popular poker event.

In addition to this, Duracell Powermat Power Connectors will be provided to for those unable to use hotspots, while free battery backup products will also be offered.

Commenting on this latest agreement, EPT president Edgar Stuchly explained the reasoning behind this new social media-related advancement for the world of professional poker.

“Smart phones are an essential part of a live tournament player’s kit, and a dead battery can be a disaster if you’re seated for hours at a poker table,” he said.

The EPT prides itself on offering the best player experience of any poker tour, so providing individual wireless charging for each player at the table is a natural progression to free Wi-Fi, which we introduced in Season 9.”

Those looking to see this new technological development in action won’t have to wait long either, with the tour scheduled to begin in the sunny city of Barcelona this month, with play commencing on Monday August 26th.