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EPT Women’s Event – Svetlana Takes Title

EPT Women’s Event – Svetlana Takes Title

Yesterday saw the culmination of Event 13 at the PokerStars European Poker Tour San Remo, with the $330 No Limit Hold’em Women’s event title going to Svetlana Orlik. She managed to navigate her way through a very glamorous looking field of 56 women to win the first place prize of €5,850.

Once the tournament got going it was looking more and more likely that the event was going to be won by one of two women, Orlik or Olga Iermolcheva. The latter is a very ferocious and aggressive player that is well known around these parts.

As it turned out, it was in fact both of them that managed to get to heads up against each other. It left a matchup of pure aggression versus patience and strategy. As it finished up though, it was Olik who managed to control her game well enough to eliminate her opponent.

How It Finished!

1, Svetlana Orlik, Russia, €5,850

2, Olga Iermolcheva, Ukraine, €3,750

3, Kami Hudson, USA, €2,280

4, Mariela Blanco, Bolivia, €1,630

5, Gaelle Jaudon, France, €1,150

6, Elena Banas, Russian Federation, €900

7, Bernadette Martino, Monaco, €736

Orlik is a poker dealer by trade and plays poker on occasions when she is supporting her professional poker playing husband Dmitry Orlik. In fact this time it was him on the rail and her playing and when she won he shouted “I am so very happy, she is my wife and also my Student”

Her husband has actually cashed in the World Series Of Poker Main Event and he was quick to offer more compliments about his wife by saying “We both normally play for fun rather than a need for money, yet she knows all about how to play” he then went on “she’s knows all about her position and her stack and cards, whilst she is also quickly learning about her opponents”.

What he said makes sense too as Orlik used her positional game to slow down the aggressiveness of Iermolcheva. She picked her spots well and looked very calm throughout the event.

We think we may be seeing more of this player in the future; this is her first major win and biggest score so far. Still only young she has a big future in front of her if she can continue to keep improving and moving with the times.

The EPT San Remo is close to being completed now as the Main Event is on its second day, with some of the biggest names in the world taking part. We have been following that event and will continue to do so until it is completed.


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