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Event 12: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em Sets the Cards Flying

WSOP Employees' EventDay 1 of the WSOP Event #12: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em tournament took 535 players to the table, and as usual the action was furiously fast with all kinds of bad beats and sucks outs grinding down the field to just 62 players remaining for Day 2’s action.

The tournament is going to run over the course of 3 days, but after today’s swinging action we could see Day 2 end the tournament quickly. There were 473 player eliminated, all of which started with 1,500 chips, but most of them couldn’t hold on putting the tournament well within reach of the bubble, which was set at 54th place when the $722,250 prize pool was announced. Day 1 finished with the blinds at 600/1,000, and day 2 will begin with 600/1,200 blinds.

Robert Corcione is currently out in front taking in 144,600 chips by the day’s end followed by Mike Carson, who is the only other player to have reached a six figure number of chips stacked out in front of him. Eric Crain did start to make a push towards the end, but it didn’t quite reached the levels of the top 2, and so he will start with 76,000 chips after his final dash up the chip leader board. What an amazing WSOP he is has having already after coming 4th in Event 8’s Eight-Game Mix, with his successful run tweeted a few days.

His 4th place win was his 2nd largest career cash, but only just. He had in fact cashed on WSOP circuit game for $63,105 in 2006, and his best cash was back in October 2011 in another WSOP circuit event in Hammond where he won the $1,600 No Limit Hold’em Main Event giving a circuit ring. He is definitely a man to watch out in this event. He is looking dangerous and as if he is certainly a man on a mission to get his first WSOP Gold Bracelet, playing Omaha after just missing out on the Eight-Game WSOP bracelet where he was out in the lead at one point, but lost it later on.

Yet another danger man is also still in the tournament with Jason Mercier only back in 8th place within a sniff of the top spots, while Allen Cunningham is lurking just below him. Tomorrow we will almost certainly see a final table where all the players will be eyeing up the massive $166,136 first place prize and an invaluable World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet.

End of Day 1 Chip Count

1st Robert Corcione – 144,600

2nd Mike Carson – 111,000

3rd Eric Crain – 76,000

4th Pim de Goede – 74,500

5th Timothy Reilly – 66,600

6th Yorane Kerignard – 64,000

7th Grzegorz Derkowski – 61,000

8th Jason Mercier – 55,200


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