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SCOOP is one of the most prestigous Online Tournaments

When internet poker games were first introduced over a decade ago, no one could have imagined the soaring popularity that they would so quickly gain. Since the birth of online poker, the landscape of the game has changed immensely due to its profound effect on the way that poker is learned, played and accessed by millions of people around the world. While internet cash games are certainly quite popular among both professionals and amateurs alike, online poker tournaments are perhaps the biggest lure for those at home looking to get their poker fix. With both weekly and annual poker events regularly drawing in thousands of players and offering massive cash prizes, it’s no surprise that players can’t seem to resist the action.

While there are online poker tournaments always starting around the clock, there are several internet poker events that stand out above the rest and are not to be missed. PokerStars has certainly led the industry with their online poker tours and have showed no sign of slowing down in regards to adding new series and events that cater to their players’ desires.

  • WCOOP – It will be tough for any other online card room to ever match what PokerStars has accomplished with their most well-known tournament tour. The World Championship of Online Poker (commonly referred to as simply the WCOOP) started out in 2002 when it offered nine events and a combined prize pool of $730,000. Over the last decade, the WCOOP has grown at an unprecedented rate and is now the biggest tournament series in online poker history. By 2011, the WCOOP boasted 62 events and a total prize pool of over $47 million. Due to the life changing money at stake and the world class competitors seated in every event, the annual WCOOP is the most prestigious online poker tournament series on the planet.
  • SCOOP – In 2009, PokerStars upped the ante on online poker tournaments when they launched the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Appropriately held every spring, the SCOOP series is unique in that every event is offered at three different buy-in levels (high, medium and low), as to cater to every sized bankroll. Players are welcome to play any or all of the events, which makes the SCOOP such an accessible tournament series and the second richest online tour, not far behind the WCOOP.
  • TCOOP – Completing the triple crown of PokerStars’ online tournament series, the inaugural Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) debuted in 2012 with 50 events and a total prize pool of over $19 million. As you may have guessed from the name, every TCOOP event has a turbo structure, meaning that all of the events have shorter levels which make them complete faster and ensure they are packed with action.

In addition to the largest annual tournament series that the internet has to offer, PokerStars also hosts the most prestigious and richest weekly events as well. Initially making their mark with the now famous Sunday Million tournament, Stars now offers more than half a dozen life-changing opportunities every single Sunday. The PokerStars Sunday Majors include the Sunday Warm-Up, the Sunday Storm and the PokerStars Women’s Sunday, just to name a few. With millions of dollars in prizes up for grabs every week, the PokerStars Sunday events are not to be missed by any poker enthusiast.

Thankfully, the most prestigious online tournament events are no longer reserved for those with large bankrolls. Leading up to and during each major series (and all week long in regards to the weekly events), there are online satellites that will award thousands of players seats into the largest poker tournaments on the web. For relatively small buy-ins, frequent player points (FPPs), or even completely free, players may eventually find themselves as the newest online poker champion. In addition to the online poker tours, players can also try their luck at qualifying online for any of the PokerStars live tours, including the European Poker Tour (EPT), Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), or the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). For more information on these live tournament tours, visit our page on live poker events.