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Ever Wondered What The Most Successful Surname In Poker Might Be?

Ever Wondered What The Most Successful Surname In Poker Might Be?

Well let me tell you right now that most of you reading this will be very shocked but at the same time acknowledge the top surname in poker.

Well an unnamed American news site decided they would try and figure out which surname would be top in career earnings amongst the rest. Before we show you the list, let us just tell you what the most successful surname in poker is…Nguyen!!

Yes you heard it right Nguyen is the most successful and actually one of the most common names in tournament poker. Now we know you may be a little surprised, but if you follow poker you would have to admit that you hear the name quite a lot.

There are currently 724 Nguyen’s playing tournament poker across the world, and together they have amassed $58,486,178 in winnings. About a third of those winnings have been made by the two most famous Nguyen’s though, Scotty and Men. They currently represent about $22 million of the total amount.

Even the name in the number two spot seems even more highly unlikely, the name is Tran. There are 351 Tran’s that ply their trade in poker and have managed to rack up over $32,706,817 in recent years.

There is just one surname that is more common than Nguyen, yet it is less successful and that is Smith. There are 838 Smiths that ply their trade on the felt and have a combined amount of $32,665,771 to their name as winnings.

However, you do not need a lot of players with the same surname to get high on that list. There is only one player with Esfandiari as a surname, and he has made it into fourth all on his own, purely down to winning The Big One Drop One Event at the WSOP this year and scooping $18.3 million though it has to be said.

Here Are The Top 10 Surnames

1. Nguyen (724) – $58 486 178

2. Tran (351) – $32 706 817

3. Smith (838) – $32 665 771

4. Esfandiari (1) – $23 245 828

5. Lee (605) – $21 622 437

6. Le (240) – $21 112 311

7. Mizrachi (8) – $18 624 760

8. Hansen (116) – $18 241 708

9. Williams (394) – $17 857 169

10. Seidel (9) – $17 009 914

It really does make interesting reading, and is seriously making us here contemplate changing our names to Nguyen to improve our chances of making a successful poker career. Perhaps many have already gone along with that idea, which would explain the high numbers.


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