Everyone Wants To Run Like Mercier

Jason Mercier

It is not out of the ordinary for poker players to adopt the names of their favoured poker stars when signing up for poker sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, in fact you probably couldn’t go a couple of days without seeing the names ‘Ivey’ or ‘Kidpoker’ in various forms at the tables.

However, it does make you wonder what the actual players think about having their names duplicated at the sites. Well after learning that a player uses “RunLKMercier” over at PokerStars from fellow poker professional Mohsin Charania, it seems he doesn’t mind at all and in fact thinks it’s quite awesome.

Mercier obviously loved the name and re-tweeted Charania’s original tweet before adding that he thinks the name is pretty awesome. The problem is that using the name of a world renowned and successful poker player is one thing but being able to play as well is another one completely.

It didn’t take long for Charania to come up with a verdict on whether this ‘other’ Mercier is in the same class as his idol. After witnessing him play a little longer, Charania quickly confirmed that the player should perhaps have chosen a slightly different screen name for the site.

Then out of the blue WPT Tournament Director Matt Savage stated that he uses a similar name for his fantasy football team. Now when a casual poker player adopts a player like Mercier’s name at the tables it is of course nice, but when a well respected TD admits to practically the same thing, it has to be a complete honour.