Luis Nazário de Lima Ronaldo Joins PokerStars


One of Brazil’s best strikers in football, Ronaldo, has joined up with PokerStars in a deal that sees him join the likes of top tennis pro Rafael Nadal on Team PokerStars SportStars.

His partnership with PokerStars means we can now expect Ronaldo to hit the live poker scene very soon, and if his poker skills match his football skills, then the predictions are in his favour, as fans alike hope to see one of the world’s greatest ever football entertainers run deep and cash regularly in some of the big tournaments.

Nicknamed the ‘phenomenon’ from his footballing days, Ronaldo is expected to show for his first live event in the next LAPT Sao Paulo in Brazil in which he will be sporting the PokerStars attire to confirm the new partnership. The event is due to begin at the end of April on Thursday the 25th. There will be 9 tournaments running the course of the nine day event, where we can expect to see Ronaldo run into some of the top South American pros.

Ronaldo’s full name is Luis Nazário de Lima Ronaldo, but the name Ronaldo on its own grew quickly as a footballing phenomenon starting back in 1993 when he became a footballing sensation at just the age of 17 years old while playing for his first club Cruzerio. He was then called up to the Brazilian national team and was quickly involved in what was already one of the strongest international sides in world football at the time, making his involvement at such an early age major headlines around the globe.

As a young player with so much talent, Ronaldo captured the attention of Europe’s big guns and he was quickly picked up by the mighty PSV Eindhoven where he spent 4 years before moving onto arguably the world’s greatest club in history, Barcelona. Ronaldo’s spell with the Catalans was short lived as he failed to get on with the manger, and so he moved onto Seria A’s Inter Milan in Italy, at a time when Italian football was dominating the European and World club football scene.

After Ronaldo announced his departure from the football scene as a player, he began the brand name 9ine, according his number when he played for Brazil. Since the company launched the brand, it has been a massive representative of sports, in Brazil and around the world, particularly in football. With the company and brand 9ine behind Ronaldo, and another massive South American pro poker star, Akkari, all teaming up, the Brazilian poker scene has gone wild with reports of numbers in the Brazilian Series of Poker jumping from 400 up to around 1,500 since these top names got together with the internet’s largest virtual poker network.

It seems that the poker community has extended its arms into Brazil, which with a massive number of players getting into the game, they are soon to expand onto the international poker scene, giving it bigger prize-pools, more challenges and more unbeatable entertainment.