Fabian Quoss Wins ACOP High Roller

first place

The Asia Championship of Poker has now seen the last of its events completed after the High Roller revealed Fabian Quoss as the latest winner. He took home $670,000 for his superb efforts at the felt after seeing off the final table and then Yiang Lu during heads up.

This event was run over a two day period with 36 of the original 83 players making it to the final day and a shot of being among the top ten players that would be the only ones to get paid.

As Day 2 started it was Yiang Lu that held the chip lead from the opening day flight but that lead changed hands on a number of occasions throughout the day between him, Quoss and Anatoly Filatov. Those three always looked to be in contention throughout the day but with many big names such as Phil Ivey, Sam Trickett, Sorel Mizzi, and PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton, there was always a chance for somebody else to emerge.

As it turned out, the majority of the notable players we mentioned could not make the money with the exception being Haxton who eventually finished in 10th place.

Once Haxton had bubbled the final table, the event really seemed to slow down and it in fact took almost three hours before a player was eliminated. However, once Phanlart Sukonthachartnant was sent home in 9th place, there were two more eliminations in Zhapar Sultanov and Anatoly Filatov in quick succession.

The action then seemed to go back to being slow when six-handed, with another three hours before an elimination occurred. This time Ivan Shoshnikov was the player to fall and he was followed out of the event not long after by Davidi Kitai and Aaron Lim.

This left just three players remaining with Fabian Quoss at this point being the short stack at the table. However, just 60 minutes later he had turned that around and was sitting at the top of the chip counts with more than 10 million.

Yang then eliminated Rono Lo send the event to heads up with him now being the new chip leader. However, Quoss managed to slowly but surely chip away at his opponents stack and eventually forced him into a move. Yu pushed all in with the Ks-Qc and got a call from Quoss holding the As-8h.

The board fell as the 6h-2h-3h-Kc-Qh to give Quoss a flush on the river and the title and first place payout.

How it Finished

1st) Fabian Quoss – US$670,000

2nd) Yiang Lu – US$450,000

3rd) Rono Lo – US$295,000

4th) Aaron Lim – US$250,000

5th) Davidi Kitai – US$198,000

6th) Ivan Shoshnikov – US$170,000

7th) Anatoly Filatov- US$150,000

8th) Zhapar Sultanov – US$125,000

9th) Phanlart Sukonthachartnant – US$99,500

10th) Isaac Haxton – US$74,500