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FBI Brings Illegal High Stakes Gambling Network Down

man handcuffedA few weeks ago the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed the fact that after a lengthy investigation and active surveillance, they’ve brought down an illegal high stakes gambling network. Located mostly in New York, it is allegedly connected to the Russian mafia and most of the money earned by the organisers was wired out of the country. The content of some of the tapes were made public and provided the audience with the unique opportunity of taking a sneak peek at what happened behind the scenes.

What is known is that highrollers gathered behind the closed doors of an apartment in a condominium tower and played high-stakes poker, or placed huge bets on sports events. The amounts frequently exceeded $100,000 and it looks like some of these players wagered as much as $1 million on professional and college sports. The identity of the players involved was not revealed to the media.

Tens of thousands of phone calls were recorded and the investigators gathered thousands of pages containing bank records and other sorts of evidence. The FBI used its active surveillance to find out where the money was coming from and where its final destination was. The results were surprising and prosecutors claim that the Russian organised crime is behind the high-stakes game with the headquarters of the shadowy organisation being in Ukraine and Russia.

In the United States, it was 34 years old Hillel Nahmad who organised and coordinated the games, which explains why he was indicted in the case although he got out on bail. With millions of dollars changing hands very often, it was only a matter of time until some players ran out of money and were threatened by the ones they were in debt to. Vadim Trincher is accused of operating some of the gambling rings together with his sons Eugene and Illya and he seems to be working as a middleman between the Russian mobsters in Europe and their contacts in New York and Las Vegas.

The criminal network did more than running high-stakes poker games and was deeply involved in sports betting with huge amounts being wired to winners. The organisers were somewhat reckless and frequently discussed the details of the money transfer over the phone, which made it possible for the FBI to build a rocksolid case against them. Those who wagered high stakes and entered a downwards spiral had to sell their companies or sign them over to extinguish the debt.


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