Five 6 Figures Losses while “Sallywoo” wins $875k

Winners Losers

It was an unexpected surprise to see “Sallywoo” grinding at some of the highest levels we’ve seen this year so far on the Full Tilt Poker tables cutting through “Gus Hansen” to win $875,596.

Hansen was looking to get some cash from his fixed limit Omaha Eight-or-Better plays by coming up against a specialist in the game “Sallywoo”, who was more than willing to play a risk game of cat and mouse versus the Great Dane. In the end though, for Hansen it was literally a wipe out as he faced a massive downswing; something that Omaha High/Low can often deliver, but to make matters worse Hansen’s downswing came in a heads-up match when the cash flows higher than usual and it didn’t help that the stakes were ramped up to $2,000/$4,000 played at fixed limit when his downswing hit.

It was still a long day at the office for “Sallywoo”, who was running for almost 11 hours straight with just a 30 minute time out when “Sallywoo’s” status was on sitting out. The first of those hours Viktor “Isildur1” Blom was on the scene, and he soon left after losing $53,000 in a style he’s not been having too much success in this month losing over $400,000 despite his $1.8 million worth of profit this month in all styles.

The next victim for “Sallywoo” was online poker’s second biggest all-time earner Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius. As was the case was with Blom, Antonius was outclassed and also sent packing with his tail in between his legs as he struggled to get the better of a “Sallywoo”, that was simply looking too hot to handle. However, despite the warning signs “Gus Hansen” was next being the only player brave enough to step up and take on the challenge.

It took about an hour for Hansen to push over $200,000 to the other side of the table and then after another 90 minutes he landed up with a $187,000 deficit before taking the same path as Blom and Antonius. Nonetheless, Hansen knows as well as anyone else Omaha Eights-or-Better Hi/Lo Split action is full of up and down swings, and so he probably figured he was due and upswing while in the knowledge that “Sallywoo” has been on way too much of a boiler with an incredible upswing, so surely things will swing back in the opposite direct.

Well they didn’t, and in fact it was quite the opposite as Hansen’s downswing continued worse than ever, while “Sallywoo’s” upswing showed no signs of slowing down. With skill, some brilliant scoops, and some decently combined high as well as low draws thanks to a superb starting hand strategy and quality post flop play, “Sallywoo” was relentless. 764 hands later, Hansen was done after giving up another $582,000 in round two leaving him deep in the red recording a $769,070 loss.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Profits

1st “SallyWoo” – $875,596

2nd “Isildur1” – $171,609

3rd “punting-peddler” – $163,645

4th “SanIker” – $75,436

5th “WRUUUUM” – $48,724

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom recorded yet another victory putting his monthly earnings up to an amazing $2,361,150 with only 12 days into October. “punting-peddler” was also up there after battling it out on the 8-Game tables with “Isildur1” and “FinddaGrind”. He ended a 22 session day $150,770 in profit leaving Blom down $122,213 and Antonius down $91,501 on the 8-game tables, with the latter finding his way into the top 5 losses spot rather than the top 5 profits. However, Blom did end the day with plus $145,174 from nine Omaha Hi/Lo sessions wiping out those losses and upping his day’s wins with $106,995 in the green coming from the Triple Draw tables.

Yesterdays Top 5 Online Poker Losses

“Gus Hansen” (-$769,070)

“KPR16” (-$135,800)

“mikki696” (-$128,811)

“FinddaGrind” (-$121,026)

“OMGClayAiken” (-$107,002)