Forks, Food And Fun With Ivey (pics+vids)


Over the last few months Phil Ivey has certainly become Mr. Social Media, what with having his own site, learning how to tweet earlier in the year and just recently showing us that he is able to handle an Instagram or two.

Well, his education is improving at a higher rate of knots now as him and his good friend the musician Steve Aoki have ventured into the world of Vine. They have produced a few short videos that are a little on the side of weird yet funny.

It seems that when playing in home games they do not play for money but for knives and forks instead, whilst Ivey lets us all into what he is thinking about once he takes down a huge pot at the table.



With IveyPoker being heavily involved with social media, especially with his poker app, Ivey seems to be doing a social media crash course at the moment to get him right up to speed. Well, at least he is having a bit of fun whilst doing so!