Former champs close to winning PokerStars Sunday Events


This week, two former champions came painfully close to winning the major PokerStars tournaments, but were denied the chance and had to settle for a place on the podium. Tim Ulrich from Germany was in great shape when the final table started, just 400k short of being the chip leader and he consolidated his stack. By the time the game reached three-handed play he had the deepest stack and as a result he was able to dictate the terms of the deal.

His opponents were Running Goot from Canada who started the final table with a healthy stack as well and Romania’s “liv_hbk” who had to claw his way to the top. The Eastern European had the third shortest stack initially, but this didn’t stop him from playing aggressive poker and double up twice in less than an hour. The deal-making process took just a few minutes and Ulrich was guaranteed $180,000 with the winner to secure an additional $20,000.

The Romanian was dealt AA and AK in a quick succession and made these premium hands count, by eliminating “blumenkind53″ in third and Running Goot in second. A total of 7439 players bought in and 1,080 split the prize pool of $1,487,800, with these 9 below collecting the lion’s share:

  1. liv_hbk – $164,994
  2. Running Goot – $161,412
  3. Tim “blumenkind53″ Ulrich – $180,000
  4. DonkingDonks – $78,853
  5. Madcandle – $60,999
  6. 1mDonuts – $46,121
  7. orba88 – $31,987
  8. Balda23 – $17,853
  9. m0ura0886 – $11,530

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up had a very round prize pool of $700k this weekend as a result of 3502 players buying in, but only 540 finished in the money. Once again, a Brazilian won the event, this time denying Ysjah from the Netherlands a chance to win the event for the second time. The former winner did a fine job at surviving crushing odds, but made the heads up with just 4 million chips as compared to tnapoleao’s 32 million. It was an uphill battle that ended with the Brazilian’s victory who won over $100k

He had the second largest stack at the beginning of the final table and it looked like he would fight “tasos80” for the main prize, but the Greek was derailed into 4th place. Another worthy placement is the one of “user223” from Belarus who finished third despite playing short-stacked throughout the final table.

Check out the list of finalists and their corresponding payouts:

  1. tnapoleao – $109,963
  2. Ysjah – $81,946
  3. user223 – $57,783
  4. tasos80 – $40,273.00
  5. moumaife84 – $29,767
  6. sasri – $22,763
  7. foundinflood – $15,759
  8. nevezu4iy – $8,755
  9. woody1234321 – $5,603