Former FTP players have a reason to rejoice

Full Tilt Poker

Two years after their funds have been sequestered, Full Tilt Poker players can expect to receive their funds, starting from September 16. PokerStars acquired all the assets and in exchange of forfeiting a massive amount of almost $550 million, they settled with the Department of Justice. It’s been one year since the settlement and Full Tilt Poker was officially relaunched in November, but until now players were denied the chance of getting their money back.

The Garden City Group is the company appointed to administer the claims filed by former players, and they’ve recently announced that petitions can be filed starting from mid-September. One important detail is that players would only have 60 days at their disposal to file their claims, with the deadline being set for November 16. The United States Department of Justice employed GCG to oversee the refunds and after one week of comprehensive reviews, they’ve got all the data they need to begin the compensation.

Players are instructed to visit to find out more about how the refund process will unfold as well as all the necessary instructions. The Garden City Group pledged to keep the website up to date and plans on e-mailing instructions to eligible players, so that they will know what the necessary steps to become eligible for compensation are. Those hoping to see their non-monetary items reimbursed shouldn’t hold their breath for them, because there were no mention on this.

It is very likely that those who had pending tournament tickets and loyalty points will have to start from scratch. Even so, they should regularly check out the official website where the Garden City Group posts the details of the reimbursements to stay up to date with any changes. GCG is working closely with the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the United States Attorney’s office and together, the two entities came up with a set of ground rules that petitioners must meet to be considered eligible for compensation.

Those who didn’t receive an e-mail notice but think that they are eligible for refunds, should file an online claim using the provided directions. The total amount that Full Tilt Poker owes to foreign players stands at a massive $184 million and under the terms of the settlement, PokerStars agreed to assume liability. For the time being, the poker company will limits to compensating those who lost money in the wake of Black Friday and will only offer online poker services for real money to US citizens when it will become legal under relevant law.