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Fox Poker Club Closes – Is Branded As The Genting Casino

One of the more famous poker clubs in London was sensationally closed down this week, with the Fox Poker Club being the surprise location in question. It was closed down by its owners Genting UK, with them looking to re-brand the location and re-open it as a complete casino rather than just a poker room.

Genting recently released a press statement declaring that the Fox Poker Club was not performing as well as it would be if it was a casino rather than just a card room. The club which is on Shaftsbury Avenue will be completely refurbished, and relaunched as a small but luxurious casino that will be offering so much more than just poker.

Genting were quick to state that this move was not an attempt at abandoning poker, but more of a way of bringing in more revenue to the property. They stated that they are still hugely dedicated in supporting poker all across the United Kingdom, with them pointing to the massive success that they have had with the Genting Poker Series. That series is going to be continuing indefinitely throughout next year, with them looking to increase its exposure even further in London with even more of a presence at locations such as the Genting Casino in Cromwell Mint and at the Palm beach Casino which can be found in Mayfair.

One of the reasons for the refurbishment and re-branding is due to the area in which they are located also having plenty of competition with regards to poker. There are two other poker clubs in close proximity to them, with one of them being the Hippodrome which is soon to be offering PokerStars backed poker rooms. This is their way of trying to within reach of all of its competition.

Whilst the refurbishment is going on, Genting are hoping that their customers will head to their other poker rooms which are based in Reading and Westcliff. They have set a date of March for the re-opening but stated this is not set in stone just yet.

We feel that this move is a good one for poker, far better than completely closing down anyway, the poker action will still be there, yet the extra revenue that they make from the casino games to be offered will ensure that the property is a viable business.

We will let you know on the exact date the new casino will be opening as soon as we can get our hands on it ourselves. It is still very early, so an exact date will be some time away just yet.


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