Free Advice from Phil Galfond

EV60_Day 01

Phil Galfond is one of the most well-known poker players that came through the online scene and onto the live one with a bang that shook the poker world with an immediate impact. When it comes to getting free advice in any shape or form from one of the best in the business, our advice is take it!

Recently, Galfond’s esteemed poker training website has reached its one year anniversary. The site is known as RunitOnce.

To celebrate this momentous one year birthday occasion Galfond has decided to put up three videos, which fans of his site have rated. These videos have basically been rated as the most popular and most useful poker tips on Phil’s training site. All three videos will be available at no cost to anyone interested in visiting the site and taking a sneak preview.

One of the videos has already been released. It is probably one most poker players could all do with watching. Leaks Hiding in Plain Sight relating to players’ Texas Hold’em leaks, and six-max No Limit Hold’em Knock-Out Multi-Table Tournament. The video is only available for a short period of time, so get onto the site as soon as possible, or you may miss the opportunity to get free advice straight from the horse’s mouth.


Don’t worry if you have only just started to read this now because the free releases are not finished just yet. The next video is due to be pinned up on the site any time soon, and the subject is PLO. Galfond already holds a WSOP Omaha bracelet, so for you Omaha fans, this one you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Galfond’s entrance onto the poker scene started when the pros began to stand up and take notice of this new and relatively unknown player’s ability to break down his opponents one by one. He literally started to turn the heads of the already established pros. This was the birth of a time when the name ‘Galfond’ was brought to the forefront of live poker as a trademark name in the game.

His poker mind is one of a player that has managed to grow on his ability to read the game with such accuracy. With that, his decision making is often precise, and so if you want to think like a poker pro, then this is the man to watch. He just seems to know things about the game many of us don’t see. Hands where we have been sure it is impossible for Galfond get away from have been folded leaving us in awe, and with the question in our minds – how did he know?

Although Galfond is a high stakes player, many of the moves he makes, and poker skill documentaries he has put together may not be relevant to your particular level of the game, but it is always worth taking his advice. Plus, his training videos are aimed at every level of poker, so the free advice is well worth putting the time aside and making a few notes.