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Fresh Debate over the Legality of Online Gaming

DebateThe Illinois State of the USA is set to have a fresh debate on legislation regarding the online gaming industry in which online poker is on the legislature’s list.

The action has come around since a State Senator dispersed proposals in order for the bill to be reviewed. It seems that there has been another change in the formalities behind the ruckus related to how online gambling should be regulated/approached in the state. Online gambling is set to have its own separate bill, and so according to the State Senator’s new proposal, it will now no longer be part of an overall gaming bill. In the past online gaming was part of an overall gaming legislation, but it has been removed from this bill, so the doors are open for a unique bill that will be dedicated to just online gaming. Rumour has it that Senator John Cullerton has not included sports betting as an online gaming article.

It is a bold move from the senator, and one that would benefit the state financially. Any entity wishing to operate within the state boundaries would need to pay a fee for licencing that would cost $20 million initially. On top of this further revenue would be pulled in via tax laws that would take roughly 7.5% to 20% on the gaming revenues.

With the Illinois State Lottery system already in place, it has meant the new online gambling bill will take advantage of their set-up. The State Lottery already has regulating facilities in place plus more jobs would be created though the creation of a new Division of Online Gaming to regulate the online gambling industry within the state alongside the lottery regulators.

In the bill there are further legal restrictions cutting out any online gaming companies that have been prosecuted for accepting bets from US players from making an entry into the Illinois online gaming market, and thus these businesses would be refused if they made application for a licence. This move is to protect the state and the state’s citizens from untrustworthy operators, and is seen as a move to persuade those who may have reservations regarding the integrity of businesses that would apply for licencing.

Over the past few months, talk of changes in legislation in respect to the latest online gambling fiasco in the US has been top of the list. Online gambling and poker news websites as well as major Wall Street financial institutions are all making a possible new wave of gaming legislations a hot topic. It seems that it is not a case of if the online gambling industry comes back to the US, but a case of when it comes back, and of course now based on current legislative models the estimations are that the US online gambling market will be worth $9 billion by 2020.

This is encouraging news for the Illinois bill as pressure seems to mounting countrywide state-by-state. States such as New Jersey have jumped on the bandwagon thrashing out online gaming legislation. In Nevada online gaming has already been given the go ahead, but the hold-up is because the Gambling Commission of Nevada were hit by surprise and are now left with an uphill task on how to model the industry. Delaware have also passed legislation to allow online gambling and in Pennsylvania online poker is on the cards for a fresh review.

With the new trend of multiple states issuing new bills in respect to the control of online gambling within their states, some already successful, Illinois state representatives supporting the new legislation have a solid case that should see the latest proposal successfully pass through the state’s legal system.

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