From $100 Το $100k – Coimbra’s PokerStars Challenge (vid)

Andre Coimbra is one of those players that constantly likes to test himself, always coming up with new ways to do just that. The PokerStars Team Pro just last year set himself a target of playing every one of the 100 events during the PokerStars MicroMillions which he duly completed, with him actually finishing in the money in twenty one of them.

Well this year, he has set himself a challenge, that whilst it will not mean he has to neglect his sleep as much as in the last one, it will take a long slog to complete.

He has decided that he wants to try and get from a single deposit of $100 on PokerStars to $100,000. His aim is to achieve this before the end of 2013, whilst he will only be taking part in tournaments and no other format of poker, such as cash games.

He has even made the insane decision to ask PokerStars to set his VIP status to zero, that means he is kissing goodbye to the Supernova Elite status and the perks and privileges that come with it. He is doing that as he wants to complete this challenge without any help.

He has stated that he will regularly be providing video blogs on how his challenge is going throughout the year, whilst in a generous statement, whether he succeeds or not, he will be donating all of the winnings he makes to charity come the end of the year.

It’s an incredible thing for a professional poker player to do, to work his socks off all year and for no personal gain. Think about the money he could make himself in 2013, yet he is kissing goodbye to all of that with his ambitious challenge that could make one charity particularly happy later in the year.

Check out his video below, where he explains what he is attempting to do. Something tells us that his girlfriend is not overly happy with it though!



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