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FTOPS XII Day 3 – Another Three Events Finished!

FTOPS XII Day 3 – Another Three Events Finished!

The FTOPS XXI has proved a massive success so far with the events that have been played, with yesterday being no different. Today sees another two to be played, whilst we will be looking back at yesterday’s action where there were three events played.

So far each event has busted its prize pool guarantee, with the events played yesterday continuing in that vein.

FTOPS Event 5 – Holdem/Omaha Mixed

This event attracted 495 players which just about scraped the prize pool guarantee by about $1k, with just 54 of those players being lucky enough to get paid. This event was eventually won by the Russian player “Miklerer” who navigated his way past that large field in an eight hour session to find himself heads up against “TheKoalaBear”.

The players both made a deal, which is why the runner up actually earned more money than the winner in this event.

Additionally, Jeremiah “Believer8219” Vinsant again made the paying places in this event to keep him at the top of the FTOPS XXI leader board.

The Final Standings:

“Miklerer” – $18,000

“TheKoalaBear” – $18,500

“CocaveroPlz” – $10,500

“ITrashYou” – $7,800

“shakentucan” – $5,500

“karfaton” – $3,600

FTOPS Event 6 – $216 HORSE

This $216 buy-in event managed to attract 377 players which absolutely smashed the guaranteed prize pool; in fact it trebled it from $25k to $75,400.

Again this event lasted around eight hours with the eventual winner turning out to be another Russian, this time by the screen name of “mrcall912”. He took down a score of $18,699 whilst also winning a gold FTP avatar and Winners Jacket.

The Final Standings:

“mrcall912” – $18,699

“knluiy” – $12,516

“Manechka” – $8,746

“nilsef” – $5,428

“tron34” – $3,468

“Alxbanana” – $2,488

FTOPS Event 7 – Super Turbo Knockout

This crazy event was over in just two hours, with 1,391 players being reduced to just 1 in that short time span. In reality this more an event for pure gamblers rather than there really being too much skill involved, however by the time all of the chaos had finished it was Finlands “errr_rick” who finished on top.

He took down $75,565 for his troubles after the event had double its original prize pool guarantee to $361,660. The winner was also awarded with a FTPOPS Winners jacket and of course what everybody is playing for…a winners FTOPS avatar to use on the site.

The Final Standings:

“err_rick” – $79,565

“Tom1211HH” – $50,632

“thelumeister” – $36,618

“enterthewu19” – $29,384

“Andras Nemeth” – $22,169

“Paul Merson“ – $16,274

“jochee” – $10,488

“K-zouls” – $7,594

“Kotik-Narkotiks” – $5,424


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