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FTOPS XXI Day 10 – Three More Players Win Jerseys

FTOPS XXI Day 10 – Three More Players Win Jerseys

The Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XXI series is getting ever closer to its completion this coming weekend, however there were three more events yesterday, meaning three more players were able to win the titles and the unique FTOPS XXI winners jerseys that come with the victories.

We had “buttsauce33” coming out on top in the $100 + $9 PLO Rebuy event, “InvisibleEnigma” then proving to be too strong for the field in the $500 + $35 10 Game Multi Entry event, and finally “BombOfLuck” besting the field in the $207 + $9 NLHE Super Turbo Rush Event.

FTOPS XXI Event 22 – $100 + $9 Pot Limit Omaha Rebuy

This event kicked off at 11am CET yesterday and just about beat its prize pool guarantee as 431 players took to the virtual felt to create a prize pool of $150,900 which was just $900 above the guarantee.

The winner of the biggest chunk of that prize pool went to “buttsauce33” who saw his way past “BeTheePot” in a close heads up encounter for a payout of $37,725.00 and of course a new unique FTOPS XXI winners jersey and avatar.

How It Finished!

Buttsauce33 – $37,725.00

BetTheePot – $23,389.50

Amak316 – $17,353.50

PhilRoyal888 – $13,581.00

Michaelsc – $10,185.75

SpeedUp2 – $7,545.00

Lemberg1715 – $4,904.25

Lundzki – $3,772.50

EvaDong – $3,018.00

0409479 – $1,735.35

FTOPS XXI Event 23 – $500 + $35 10 Game Multi Entry

Whilst the first event of the day only just managed to pip the guaranteed prize pool, perhaps it was just a little too early for players, as this event certainly did not have that trouble. This event held a guarantee of $75k and absolutely pummeled it as 364 players in total coughed up the buy-in to see that prize pool stretch to an amazing $182,000.

The player who came out on top was “InvisibleEnigma” who found himself heads up against “_FullFlush1_” and managed to be the victor for an excellent payout of $43,316.00. The runner up was also rewarded well, as he banked $27,664.00 for his brave efforts.

How It Finished!

InvisibleEnigma – $43,316.00

_FullFlush_ – $27,664.00

IceView_ – $20,202.00

PavelZheglov – $14,742.00

Cyberkanguru – $10,374.00

Wizfromoz – $6,916.00

K7MA – $4,550.00

Paigowpro – $4,550.00

Wintyara – $3,458.00

CHUFTY – $3,458.00

FTOPS XXI Event 24 – No Limit Holdem Super Turbo Rush

The lower buy-in certainly made this the most populated event of the day yesterday, with 811 players stumping up the cash for a chance of winning some big money. In total that created a prize pool of $167,877 which yet again more than doubled the guarantee of $75,000.

The three players remaining at the end decided to chop the prize pool, meaning each of them received fairly similar amounts. However, the player who came out on top was “BombOfLuck” who managed to defeat the other two to win the biggest prize of $29,146.61.

How It Finished!

BombOfLuck – $29,146.61

Potta_x_potta – $26,546.76

Gambler 1989 – $25,307.29

Jimmie23 – $13,849.85

Kekim1 – $10,492.31

Uvelir888 – $7,554.47

AdaDLW – $5,036.31

LuckyDuy – $3,928.32

Karolis666 – $2,853.91

Hunnisch3 – $1,594.83


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