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FTOPS XXI Day 5 – Events 10 And 11 In The Bag

FTOPS XXI Day 5 – Events 10 And 11 In The Bag

Thursday saw another couple of events being played out from the ever popular FTOPS XXI series with there being a few surprises on the virtual felt. The first surprise being that Chris Moorman actually finished in second place during heads up…that’s a rarity, and one of the events actually didn’t break the prize pool guarantee which is…well even rarer.

FTOPS XXI – Event 10

Before yesterday there was just one event that had failed to break its own prize pool guarantee, with that one only falling short by a mere $1k, however last night saw another in the shape of event 10. What was strange about it was that nobody would have ever expected it to be this event, a NLHE Rush event with a buy in of $216.

That is especially considering that the last Rush event that they held on Monday was a complete sell out and in fact doubled its prize pool guarantee.

Well, perhaps everybody was Christmas shopping or something. As it turned out, there were still 273 players that took part, though 90 of them did have multi-entries into the event. It lasted close to five hours before “bullyingpros” managed to defeat “TheFatFish” heads up to win the first place payout of $17,850.

How It Finished!

Bullyingpros – $17,850

TheFatFish – $11,400

Saldory – $8,325

mrcall912 – $6,075

keeskontje – $4,275

veeea – $2,850

FTOPS XXI – Event 11

This event managed to attract some big names on the poker scene due to it being in a shootout format, as names such as Tom Middleton, Chris Moorman, Mohsin Charania and the ever aggressive Luke Schwartz decided to head for the virtual felt.

It all ended when the best online tournament player in the world right now Chris Moorman got to heads up with Sebastian Sikorski, with many of the railbirds assuming that was going to be it. However, he eventually lost, giving his opponent the first place prize of $18,487.

How It Finished!

P00cket00 – $27,412

Moorman1 – $18,487

PatGarrett01 – $13,387

Tenkamusou – $9,817

The_SeS – $7,140

Maximani91 – $5,100

Assad91 – $3,570

Phil Ivey 18 – $2,422

Bigt439 – $1,721

There was all change on the FTOPS XXI leaderboard with the player that has been at the top of the pile for most of the series bustled down into fourth place after he decided to take a break for a day. “Believer8219” will now have some work to do if he wants to reclaim his position at the top.

The FTOPS XXI Leaderboard !

mrcall912 – 431

fowirls – 361

Garbally – 345

Believer8219 – 300

ottoman09 – 295

p00cket00 – 294



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