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FTOPS XXI – Day 7 Roundup

FTOPS XXI – Day 7 Roundup

Yesterday saw another busy schedule of events at the FTOPS XXI series over at Full Tilt Poker, with another three events played out. There was the No Limit Heads-Up event, the Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max, Triple Chance and another No Limit Hold’em Rush event.

FTOPS XXI – Event 14 $500 + $35 NLHE Heads Up

This event saw a field of 301 players registering which beat the guaranteed prize pool of $100k by $50k to give a total of $150,500. This got the day off to a good start, with each of the other events also cracking their respective guarantees.

The winner in this event was “canofcorn22” who took down the first place payout of $36,872.50 for his troubles; he had to defeat “naimad89” in the heads up final, which was a tense affair. However, he had too much for his opponent in the end and took down the title.

How It Finished!

Canofcorn22 – $36,872.50

Naimad89 – $21,070.00

InspectorPo – $10,911.25

BustedWadZ – $10,911.25

Busteddout – $5,643.75

Kingkai – $5,643.75

IkillU2012 – $5,643.75

Treadin Dank – $5,643.75

OneUponAStar – $3,010.00

DecanoBR – $3,010.00

FTOPS XXI – Event 15 $300 + $22 Pot limit Omaha 6-Max

Event 15 saw the prize pool beaten again, with it this time producing $160k from a field of 534 players, which is a good $60k more than the $100k that was initially guaranteed. Once that field had been shortened sufficiently, the winner emerged as “veeea”.

He did well to navigate his way past a strong final table that included “The_Real_Kid83” to take home the first prize of $28,041.83.

How It Finished!

Veeea – $28,041.83

The_Real_Kid83 – $30,431.17

Blony_Tair – $16,821.00

Callyoudown – $12,335.40

Michaelsc – $8,811.00

Zumy – $5,607.00

Mazurite – $3,524.40

Tenkamusou – $3,524.40

Highlandfox – $2,659.32

SaaaamNeeee – $2,659.32

FTOPS XXI – Event 16 $200 + $16 NLHE Rush

This was by far the most successful event of the day, with it smashing the prize pool guarantee by $80k, when there were 905 players that registered, giving a prize pool of $181k. By the time the event had been whittled right down to the final table, it was already fairly obvious that “Branko07” would be right in the mix at the end as he already had a massive chip lead.

He went on to win the event and bank the $41,630.00 after defeating “BrainBuster777” heads up, with his opponent happy enough with $26,630.00.

How It Finished!

Branko07 – $41,630.00

Brainbuster777 – $26,245.00

KENTRAPU2 – $19,457.50

Player107 – $14,932.50

Rightdurrrrr – $11,312.50

Rdcrsm – $8,145.00

Klausen – $5,430.00

Brikks66 – $4,235.40

VladPr – $3,077.00

Superfizzy – $1,719.50



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