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FTOPS XXI Day 9 – Review

FTOPS XXI Day 9 – Review

Day 9 of the ever popular and successful FTOPS XXI series on Full Tilt Poker saw another three events get played out. A combined number of 2000 players decided to take part in the events which guaranteed there would be more big winners.

With us now into the final week of the FTOPS XXI, things are getting tight right at the top of the overall leader board, with the players now set on battling it out during the final events of the series.

FTOPS XXI Event 19 – $240 + $16 PLO8 Knockout

This events $75k prize pool kept the trend going by being broken by the 460 players that opted to take part in the event, this created a true prize pool of $92k with the eventual winner “Bill Gazes” walking away with the title and $19,157.53 payout.

How It Finished!

Bill Gazes – $19,157.53

BredaBreda – $18,102.47

DoktorGre – $10,580.00

Giffordonian – $8,280.00

PREDADOR-88 – $6,210.00

Upeshka – $4,600.00

Tmi2891 – $2,990.00

THE _WIZARD49 – $2,300.00

Eckrem – $1,840.00

Pinnacle_11 – $1,058.00

FTOPS XXI Event 20 – $1,000 + $60 No Limit Holdem Six Max Double Chance

The second event of the day saw its prize pool absolutely smashed, with it surpassing it by almost double. The original guarantee was for $200k, yet the field of 387 brought the real figure right up to $387,000.

The lucky winner of this event was “ambiguosity” who took home $73,559.52 for his efforts, after defeating “Ramux” in a closely contested heads up session.

How It Finished!

Ambiguosity – $73,559.52

Ramux – $64,510.24

IITTII – $55,817.24

Wirtue – $31,347.00

T3G3S – $22,059.00

Blony_tair – $14,706.00

Joga_pra_cor – $9,675.00

Healey87 – $9,675.00

A3u – $7,353.00

Keinebeine – $7,353.00

FTOPS XXI Event 21 – $200 + $16 No Limit Holdem Turbo

Another event, another prize pool busted. In fact busted is not the word here as it was more than trebled after an amazing 827 players took up the challenge of trying to win the event. This created a prize pool of $165,400 that completed pulverized the guarantee of just $50,000.

The final event of Day 9 was won by “hteraaj2001” after he came through a tough final table to take home $28,564.21. He and “Tiltn_Mafks” had almost identical chip stacks by the time it got to heads up with the pair agreeing a deal. This is why their payouts are extremely similar.

How It Finished!

Hteraaj20012 – $28,564.21

Tiltn_Mafks – $28,498.79

Jervis333 – $17,383.54

9 to Five – $13,232,00

Madalain – $9,593.20

Stacy99 – $6,781.40

Romeopro33 – $4,962.00

SoFrischSoGut – $3,804.20

Charly3005 – $2,811.80



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