FTP Montreal Festival ME Day 3 – Pahuja Back In Front

Montreal signpost

Day 3 at the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival Main Event finished up a few hours ago as the 84 players that had done enough to reach the day were trimmed down to the 25 that will now return for Day 4.

The reduction process took just six hours and finished with Vinny Pahuja once again returning to the top of the chip counts. He amassed 4,450,000 chips to leave him close to a million ahead of Eric Despres in second place on 3,625,000 chips.

A large chunk of that came in the very last hand of the day in which he eliminated two players in one go. He pushed all in over the top of Asadal Shah who was holding the Qs-Qd with his Ad-Kh and was immediately called by the As-Ah of Stacy Levac.

He was looking in real bad shape when the flop fell as the Kd-9c-8d but a miracle turn and river of the Ks-Kc saw him take down the huge pot.

Amongst the eliminations on Day 3 were Victor Ramdin, Yann Dion, Dermot Blain and Gavin Smith, though each of them had obviously already made the money.



The remaining 25 players will now return to the felt at midday today in Montreal and will play down until there are just the nine players that will contest the final table.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Vinny Pahuja – 4,450,000

2nd) Eric Despres – 3,625,000

3rd) Eric Larose – 3,615,000

4th) Michael Linster – 3,445,000

5th) Roger Lamia – 2,680,000

6th) Dawn Mootrey – 2,655,000

7th) Zeng Yi Xie – 2,650,000

8th) Guillaume Rivet – 2,580,000

9th) Sebastien Drolets- Poitras – 2,540,000

10th) Kevin Dawe – 2,170,000