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Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 10 – 3 More In Bag

Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 10 – 3 More In Bag

Yesterday saw Day 10 of the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS get played out, with there being a total of three events witnessed. These were all successful enough to see their respective prize pools beaten, whilst they were able to announce three new winners.

Here is a quick rundown of just what went on and who got paid:

MiniFTOPS Event 22 – $10 + $1 PLO Rebuy

The first event of Day 10 kicked off at 11am and saw another 1,449 players taking part in the event, this went towards creating a guarantee busting prize pool of $46,000, this in fact almost doubled the guarantee of $25k.

The winner was announced after the top four had agreed to chop the prize pool; this meant that all four players ended with similar amounts, though the winner “fNx_R” won the biggest share of $6,660.33.

How It Finished!

“fNx_R” – $6,660.33

“Hermiman22” – $5,994.59

“Experiment05” – $6,148.89

“ollich” – $5,668.19

“clifort” – $2,760.00

“AHJ_Camp” – $1,978.00

“almackpool” – $1,288.00

“Shepa777” – $920.00

“LEONSPB1” – $644.00

“Ze_Azzman” – $384.10

MiniFTOPS Event 23 – $50 + $5 Ten Game Six Match

This one started at 2pm and was one of the more popular events of the series so far, with it actually trebling the prize pool guarantee of $20k. The 1,215 players managed to bring a true total prize pool of $60,750.

By the time the event had been completed, it was “Dr72suited” who finished at the top of the leader board, bringing his bank account an added $12,423.38.

How It Finished!

“Dr72suited” – $12,423.38

‘LordAgrael” – $8,201.25

“cheverie” – $5,771.25

“FistPumpYeah” – $4,313.25

“favre4bandit” – $3,098.25

“AXIOM008” – $2,035.13

“greeb777“ – $1,257.53

“AlmightySea“ – $1,257.53

“Hero_Value“ – $880.88

“BombinPocketABU“ – $880.88

MiniFTOPS Event 24 – $20 + $2 NLHE Rush

The last event of the day started at the usual 5pm time, with this one again seeing enough participants to keep the trend going of beating the prize pool guarantees during this series. The grand total was $47,180 after 2,359 players wanted to take part in the event.

The player to finish in first place was “ItalianCrusher” though his prize was not the biggest due to a three way chop of the prizepool.

How It Finished!

“ItalianCrusher” – $7,102.75

“8Stevie” – $7,202.60

“Psymoon” – $6,168.41

“paulgees81” – $3,491.32

“Pronssiveistos” – $2,453.36

“iwinmonies” – $1,604.12

“CCEAGLECC” – $1,085.14

“Bakmeister” – $754.88

“w4wings” – $566.16

“Iweitsch” – $353.85

Come back tomorrow as we bring you a full report on Day 11 of the MiniFTOPS. With the event getting close to completion, we are already looking ahead to what other poker action there is to be on offer.


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