Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 11 – Two More Winners

Yesterday saw the completion of events 25 and 26, meaning that there are now just nine more events to go in the XXI edition of the MiniFTOPS. These two events managed to keep the record of breaking each events prize pools at a 100% success rate, with there also being two more winners added to the history books.

MiniFTOPS Event 25 – $30 + $3 Pot Limit Omaha Heads Up

As usual, the first event on Day 11 started at 11am local time and saw a field of 842 players wanting some heads up PLO action. That field was good enough to create a prize pool that was very close to being double the guarantee of $15,000 as the true figure was $25,260.

The player that came out on top in this heads up challenge event was “sjae” after he won the final match-up against “Amosov” and took down his share of the prize pool that they chopped; his slice was worth $3,722.28 whilst his opponent would have been happy with the $3,300.00 that he won.

How It Finished!

“sjae” – $3,722.28

“Amosov” – $3,300.00

“schlawinaaaa” – $1,338.78

“Tomaik” – $1,338.78

“SpeedUp2” – $707.28

“SofiaAlexandra” – $707.28

“kunkku” – $707.28

“smotri” – $707.28

“dacoco72” – $378.90

“vaelJSP” – $378.90

MiniFTOPS Event 26 – $30 + $3 No Limit Holdem Six-Max

The second and final event of the day in the MiniFTOPS started at 2pm local time, with the players that prefer a bit of Holdem given the chance to earn some money. In fact there were 1,329 players that opted to buy into this event which brought a prize pool of $115,590 which considerably beat the guarantee of $75k.

It was “Beyond_Godl1ke” who managed to circum navigate his way past that huge field to finally dispel of “TEMOB” into second place. He won $23,638.15 for his troubles and initial $33 buy-in.

How It Finished!

“Beyond_Godl1ke” – $23,638.15

“TEMOB” – $15,604.65

“maniiac” – $10,981.05

“zilbur77” – $8,206.89

“McPunt03” – $5,895.89

“BOSSYA” – $3,872.26

“FlyingDeath” – $2,392.71

“CRY-ME-A-RIVER4” – $2,392.71

“Gypnotoad” – $1,676.05

“Lincson” – $1,676.05

The MiniFTOPS is finishing up on Sunday, so if you are yet to have entered into an event as of yet, you only have three more days in which to do so. Tomorrow sees another two events, with the first being a $10 NLHE event and the second a $30 Razz tournament.

Check back tomorrow so that we can let you know which players managed to claim themselves a title of being one of the few to scoop a win in a MiniFTOPS event.


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