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Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 12 – Seven To Go

Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 12 – Seven To Go

We are now in the final straight of the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXI series, with there now being just three more days and seven events to go. Yesterday saw two played out, with more than a thousand players being paid out to.

Here is a quick re-cap of those two events:

MiniFTOPS Event 27 – $10 + $1 No Limit Holdem

As usual, the first event of the day began at 11am local time, with this one attracting enough players to more than double the original $25,000 prize pool guarantee. There were 720 players which led to the prize pool being $52,310, which gave the largest prize to the player that obviously finished in first place.

That was ‘General_Mohr” after he came through a tough final table to bank a more than deserved $8,945.01. He managed to eliminate “bieatch” into second place, although we are sure his opponent will be more than happy with the $6,224.89 he earned for his efforts on the virtual felt.

How It Finished!

“General_Mohr” – $8,945.01

“bieatch” – $6,224.89

“Dimitar06” – $4,446.35

“I Show 4 U” – $3,347.84

“stiposb” – $2,508.26

“FLamZard” – $1,726.23

“ArtemX5” – $1,124.67

“SydneySheppard” – $784.65

“shakentucan” – $549.26

“KyleO1986” – $376.63

MiniFTOPS Event 28 – $30 + $3 Razz

Thursday’s 2pm event proved to be an absolute gem of a success story, with the Razz event bringing in 859 players that more than tripled the prize pool guarantee. Razz is often not seen as one of the more popular variations of poker, however on this occasion it certainly was.

Those players built a massive prize pool of $25,770, which made the guarantee of $7,500 look pitiful. In the end a three way chop of that pool at the end gave the top three players similar amounts before they opted to play the event out for the last $1k.

“bamtschi” was the player who proved too strong for his opponents as he took home a score of $4,824.25.

How It Finished!

“bamtschi” – $4,824.25

“DEERDAJO” – $3,349.25

“TFFS” – $3,551.85

“PokerGod90” – $1,597.74

“aDrENalin17” – $1,030.80

“Janne33” – $721.56

“xAlyssa” – $515.40

“SV—VOLK” – $335.01

“tee cee pee” – $244.81

“noltzy” – $244.81

We will of course be back tomorrow with another roundup of the events that will be taking place a little later on today, so if you have a keen interest on which players are being successful on the virtual felt, you know exactly where to come and look.


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