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Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 3 – Three More Events In The Bag

Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 3 – Three More Events In The Bag

Yesterday saw the third day of action at the popular Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXI, with another three events being played out. Each of them busted their prize pool guarantees, which is always a sign of popularity.

We are going to summarise the results of each of the events, letting you know just who took down the titles.

MiniFTOPS Event 5 – $20 + $2 PL HA

This event started the proceedings on Day 3, with it starting out at 11am local time and again breaking the advertised prize pool guarantee of $25k. It in fact managed to tempt 1,727 players into the mixed game format of both pot limit holdem and pot limit Omaha, which brought a total prize pool of $34,540.

The winner of Event 5 was “Shepa777” after he successfully defeated both ‘Romanicco” and “1_HandOfDoom_1” during the final three, though they had already agreed a fairly equal chop by that point.

How It Finished!

“Shepa777” – $5,203.70

“Romanicco” – $4,338.12

“1_HandOfDoom_1” – $4,913.17

“1FCKoen82” – $2,314.18

“Violetta” – $1,657.92

“Stud_King87” – $1,122.55

“Zunige Zeeuw” – $697.71

“theshepard07” – $697.71

“rhonda456” – $459.38

“maximus586” – $459.38

MiniFTOPS Event 6 – $20 + $2 HORSE

This event carried things on with it kicking off at 2pm local time, with 1,314 players taking to the virtual felt. That total yet again beat the guarantee and provided us an actual prize pool of $26,280, with the winner of the lion’s share of that being the victor “adonisbob” who took home $5,256.00.

How It Finished!

“adonisbob” – $5,256.00

“Heuburger” – $3,442.68

“didi4825” – $2,391.48

“andromeda19” – $1,550.52

“esp979” – $1,011.78

“lufc 1961“ – $722.70

“Udav6914“ – $496.69

“Bodychecker85“ – $328.50

“aBoVeTheFoLd“ – $241.78

“MMACTEP“ – $241.78

MiniFTOPS Event 7 – $31 + $2 NLHE Super Turbo Knockout

The final event of day 5 was the NLHE Knockout event, with it starting at 5pm local time. Again the guarantee was more than doubled after a massive field of 4,488 fancied a game. The knockout variations provide a lot of excitement which must be why so many players took to the felt.

That field created a prize pool of $112,200 which smashed the guarantee of $50k. The winner was “OMGCrackedACES” though he didn’t take home the most cash due to a three way chop, he did take $14,096.00 for his efforts though.

How It Finished!

“OMGCrackedACES” – $14,096.00

“3p3nipa” – $15,626.58

“PsIQNic” – $16,055.02

“theroofer24” – $6,956.40

“StandardDfing” – $5,049.00

“Caetana80” – $3,366.00

“RainmakerLG” – $2,244.00

“Adam KK1” – $1,570.80

“fradie” – $1,122.00

“polymorph” – $740.52



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