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Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXI Day 6 – 12 & 13 In Bag

We are slowly getting nearer to the midway point the MiniFTOPS XXI, with the first week nearly over with. Yet again yesterday there were two more guarantee busting events played out, with the action again proving to be high octane stuff.

More than 5,000 players combined took part in these events yesterday which meant that more than $110k was handed out. That may not seem much compared to some other online series, yet do remember that this is the MiniFTOPS, with it being designed to let the smaller bankrolls have some fun.

We have given a quick summary on the action at both events down below, so take a quick look:

MiniFTOPS Event 12 – $20 + $2 NLHE Six-Max

The first event on Day 6 was the No Limit Holdem 6-Max event, which kicked off at 11am local time and attracted 4,442 players. Those players ensured that another prize pool guarantee was broken, with the guarantee set at $75,000 yet true figure being $88,840.

Despite a fierce struggle between the remaining three, the eventual winner was “Benderovich”; he took home $11,112.73 though that was not actually the biggest score due to a three way deal. He will certainly be happy enough with the win though, as will the other two with their payouts.

How it Finished!

“Benderovich” – $11,112.73

“Searching4nemo” – $14,362.74

“chythechy” – $9,102.84

“toddp_bris” – $5,330.40

“livesupport” – $3,908.96

“VoRPaX64ru” – $2,665.20

“GianiCapat” – $1,714.61

“goodie2990” – $1,714.61

“robban28” – $1,128.27

“zagoris” – $1,128.27

MiniFTOPS Event 13 – $30 + $3 2-7 TD Six-Max

At 5pm local time we saw the second and final event for the day with the 2-7 Triple Draw exciting more than enough players to break the guarantee yet again for the MiniFTOPS. In fact it more than doubled it with the 764 player field generating $22,920 compared to the guarantee of $10,000.

This event saw no chop of the prize pool meaning that the eventual winner “Rokep02” was able to take home the full winners amount of $4,927.80.

How it Finished!

“Rokep02” – $4,927.80

“Spanky79” – $3,231.72

“Heuburger” – $2,321.80

“Fraude” – $1,764.84

“KENTRAPU2” – $1,260.60

“Born2TILT” – $802.20

“mimizSK” – $504.24

“toreadorgr“ – $504.24

“jez_bear1972“ – $366.72

“RikkyRoma“ – $366.72

There are five events to be played out this weekend, with three of them kicking off during today. There is going to be a $50 Holdem event, $30 Omaha event and a $20 NLHE Rush event. We will bring you news on how they finish as soon as we know the information ourselves.




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