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Full Tilt MiniFTOPS XXII Day 4 – Another 3 Events Over

shutterstock_121568626Day 4 at the Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXII was played out yesterday with it proving to be just as eventful as you would expect from these large tournaments. There were three new winners and plenty of other players who took down excellent scores when compared to their original outlay.

Take a look at what happened in the three events below:

Event 9 Pot Limit Omaha Knockout ($24 + $2)

The first event held on Wednesday was the PLO Knockout event which managed to attract 1,438 players to crack the $25k prize pool with a true figure of $28,760. Knockout events are always fun to play and to watch with the eventual winner on this occasion being “inhidonks” after he defeated “baratur” heads up to claim the $6,183.40 first place prize.

How It Finished!

Inhidonks – $6,183.40

baratur – $3,911.36

JMackey111 – $2,904.76

hayescc – $2,300.80

tyumenChere – $1,725.60

Zgaga – $1,236.68

matSkiLLs – $805.28

SexyPokerGirl86 – $575.20

Jordankickz – $402.64

ItsBoss – $240.15

Event 10 No Limit Holdem Six-Max ($30 + $3)

The second event of the day was the six handed No Limit Holdem event which brought in 1,370 players and created another guarantee smashing prize pool of $116,370. Once this event got down to heads up the two players remaining decided to chop a deal, though the winner “ruslanmd” still took home $21,278.20 compared to the $17,356.64 his opponent “jessica89”.

How It Finished!

Ruslanmd – $21,278.20

jessica89 – $17,356.64

joao bauer – $10,729.31

The Goof84 – $8,145.90

akb1 – $5,643.95

pichman – $3,840.21

mylesfdo – $2,385.59

alexlaak2 – $2,385.59

Motionless Me – $1,571.00

ImaDerelict – $1,571.00

Event 11 No Limit Holdem Rush ($20 + $2)

The third and final event for Wednesday was the NLHE Rush event, with it bringing in another good field of 1,858 players. This again beat the prize pool guarantee of $35k with the true total being calculated at $37,160.

It was “KenyanTrackStar” who took down the win after having far too much for his heads up opponent “MrKperCent” and securing a payout of $7,654.96.

How It Finished!

KenyanTrackStar – $7,654.96

MrKperCent – $5,053.76

Snatchouts – $3,753.16

Pokst – $2,935.64

Vildkatt – $2,192.44

Majkelq – $1,523.56

BPotMHeHOGi – $929.00

DarKTeodoR – $631.72

akb1 – $445.92

MVPierce34 – $297.28

Join us again tomorrow as we bring you another two events that will be taking place during the day today. We then have a busy weekend to look forward to, with a number of events taking place, so to keep up with the results; you know just which website to bookmark.


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